The most vile use of a child in political advertising we've ever seen.


So this is a political pamphlet that’s been distributed to residents living in the Queensland seat of Moreton.

A similar pamphlet was reportedly distributed in the Victorian seat of Issacs.

And in the Queensland seat of Petrie.

No doubt the material has been distributed in other key electorates as well.

This is not about Labor or Liberal. This is not about Government versus Opposition. This is not even about left or right.

This is about right and wrong.

Suggesting that somehow same sex couples are harming their own children is sick and insulting in the extreme. To imply that the children of gay and lesbian Australians love their parents any less because of their sexuality, is abhorrent.

Whether or not you support same sex marriage, surely we can all agree that when it comes to children – their rights and their interests need to come first. And parents who are raising their children in safe and loving households deserve our respect and our thanks, not our aspersion.

This kind of horrifically homophobic material deserves to be condemned by all the parties running in this election.

We certainly hope and expect that it will be.