The most popular jeans style. Wait, really?

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Here’s a list of things I would rather do than wear a pair of skinny jeans:




Yep.  The fashion world may have told us for what seems like for-ev-ah that skinny jeans were hot hot hot but someone forgot to send that memo to my thighs.  Put my pins in a spare of skinny jeans and my legs immediately look like ice-cream cones (albeit denim flavoured). It hasn’t so much been a case of “I’m just not that into you”. More a case of “I just can’t get into you. Even lying down. Wearing Nancy Gantz Pants and sucking my stomach in on the bed.”

My preferred jeans are boot cut. Actually that’s a lie. My preferred jeans are maternity ones with big elastic wasit-bands. But definitely my second-pick when it comes to jeans, is boot cut.  And it seems I’m not alone.

According to the gods of eBay: boot cut jeans outsell every other jeans style. All of ’em. The Daily Mail Online reports:

“An infographic released by eBay today shows that sales of the classic bootcut jean far exceed sales of any other style – no matter how fashionable.

Among the 3 million pairs of jeans purchased in the U.S. on the online auction site over the past year, 793,289 pairs were bootcut – over three times more than the next best-selling style.   Straight leg (215,353 pairs sold) and skinny jeans (214,405), which are typically more favoured by the style set, took second and third place respectively, but denim leggings, or ‘jeggings’, the latest style to hit the market, came in tenth place with just 11,616 pairs sold.


Flares, which have made a comeback over the past year, thanks to the fashion trend for all things Seventies, came in fourth place with 197,790 pairs purchased by eBay users.  Low-rise waistbands, which have waned in popularity since the return of high-waists to the fashion spotlight, took the fifth spot, beating beat boyfriend jeans, which came eighth with just 30,438 pairs sold.”

It just gives me so, so much pleasure to know that jeggings came in 10th place.

An official looking graph which proves what we all knew: Boot Cut jeans rock!


So why are boot cut jeans so popular? (That’s rhetorical. We all know it’s because in comparison skinny jeans are evil).  But also because while fashion trends come and go, boot cut jeans are the most flattering style and likely to suit most body shapes. Three cheers for that.

So what’s your favourite style of jeans?  How many pairs do you own?  And hands up if you would secretly just like to wear a muu-muu?

We’ve put together a jeans gallery including everything – bootleg, skinny, flares, cargos, cocktail… Enjoy!