The 34 pictures you can't miss this week

It was only a matter of time… Mattel has been given the rights to turn the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge into Barbie Dolls. Have a look at the first two pics in the gallery for a comparison of the real couple and the Barbie version.

Also this week –  Adele, the Grammys, an official Oscars portrait gallery and all the news from the week

You might’ve noticed this stamp popping up in the gallery today, Here’s the deal. While we wish all magazine and advertisers would just tell us when they’re using Photoshop as per the Govt’s Voluntary Code Of Conduct, the reality is they don’t. That’s why we’ve created our own Photoshopped stamp, which we will apply to images of a person we believe has been digitally altered in a way that could affect your perception of your own body or face.