The Keepers is the latest true crime documentary everyone can't stop watching.

With our hunger for true crime stronger than ever, we’ve been spoiled for choice when it comes to options to watch.

But whatever is currently on your list, put it on hold and watch Netflix’s The Keepers first instead. Fans are already calling it “better than Making a Murderer“.

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Released last week, the seven part series sets out to finally answer just one question: Who killed Sister Cathy?

Image: Netflix

Directed by Ryan White, the documentary focuses on the unsolved murder of Sister Cathy Cesnik, a nun and high school teacher from Baltimore who disappeared in 1969. Her body was found dumped a few months later.



While the murder was investigated at the time, no real headway was made until the '90s, when students who attended the school Sister Cathy had worked out came forward with allegations of sexual abuse by a male teacher, Father Joseph Maskell.

Jean Maher, one of the victims told police that Maskell had driven her to the woods where Cathy's body lay, telling her, "You see what happens when you say bad things about people?"

Yet despite this chilling account as well as testimony from other victims and witnesses of abuse, no one was charged or held accountable.

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The renewed interest in the case did however bring together two of Cathy's former students, Abbie Schaub and Gemma Hoskins who have since been privately investigating the case.

As a result, a network of students who claim to have been abused by Maskell and other male employees of the Catholic church and school have come together to form an online commnunity that supports sexual abuse victims and help search for clues.

Image: Netflix

Many of the students said Sister Cathy knew what was going on and promised to protect them.

The Keepers is told through the eyes of Schaub and Hoskins as they try to solve the mystery of their beloved teacher.

Given how long ago the crime occurred, many key figures - including Maskell - have passed away. Yet through interviews with government officials, journalists, friends and relatives, The Keepers offers a comprehensive investigation into determining who killed Sister Cathy.

In doing so, White tells a story of murder, clergy abuse and corruption by government and religious institutions who he believes "“at best, dropped the ball over the last 45 years – and, at worst, covered it up.”