These two women just made the best Thermomix review you'll ever see.

Introducing ‘The Katering Show’…

Ah, the Thermomix. Never before has a household appliance so divided home cooks. This magic cooker allows you to drop a whole bunch of ingredients into a computer-bucket, close the lid, and half an hour later you’ve prepared a 5-star meal.

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The Thermomix costs around 2000 bucks, so those with their hands on one tend to love it more than their kids.

Need a refresher? It looks like this:

Comedy duo Kate McLennan and Kate McCartney have reviewed the Thermomix in their six episode web series, Katering – a cooking show spoof that follows the adventures of enthusiastic foodie, McLennan, and food intolerant sceptic, McCartney.

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To the two Kates, a Thermomix is “something you buy yourself because you’ve always wanted to join a cult but didn’t have the energy for the group sex”.

Whether you love or hate the Thermomix, you’ll definitely love Katering.

We’re off to go make ourselves some hot-wet-rice-dinner-porridge now….

Do you use a thermomix? What’s your review?