If only quitting sugar was really this hilarious.

And it’s as easy as quitting sugar.

We first introduced you to comedy duo Kate McLennan and Kate McCartney when they reviewed the Thermomix on The Katering Show.

So when their video ‘I Quit Sugar’ emerged and the opening lines began “Food is about controlling your life expectancy so that you never die unexpectedly on the toilet,” we knew it had potential.

Potential to be more politically incorrect than Gordon Ramsay.

The pair have decided to quit sugar in honour of their instagram idol, Sarah Wilson, who coined the ‘diet’ in her book of the same name.

Whether you decide the sugar-free lifestyle is right for you (it’s definitely not), you’ll be 100% hooked on the Katering show.

In summary, “Day 1 of going sugar-free was worse than weddings.” Just don’t do it.