The Joy Project: 365 photos in 365 days.



That’s how many photos Ginger Unzueta wants to take.

One for every day of the year.

Unzueta, who is a photographer, wife and mum, has created a photography project celebrating the simple joys of everyday life.

The aim of her venture, called the Joy Project (365), is to post a picture or series of pictures of her 3 kids daily in a series she hopes will capture the little moments that make you smile.

Moments like this:

And this.

“I hope that through this project I will have something to look back and remember all the beautiful details of these fleeting days,” Unzueta writes on her blog.

“I want to capture the joy I see in my children on the days that are wonderful and bliss,” she writes.

“There are days filled with messes to clean and chaos in abundance. There are days with tears and then there are beautiful smiles. There are hugs, cuddles and kisses, and there are arguments, bruised knees and broken hearts.”

We think her images capture happiness perfectly…

You can see more of Ginger Unzueta’s beautiful photography work on her Facebook, Instagram and Blog.