The post we think nobody will read.

The post nobody will read. Except this woman. And you.





Well that got your attention, didn’t it? And now that we have it, we have some questions for you.

Do you eat vegetables? Do you eat the green ones? Do you ENJOY eating the green ones?

The answers to those questions are of course: yes, yes and no.

If you answered yes to the third question, you were either imagining those vegetables covered in delicious flavoursome things like creamy cheese sauces, garlic and chilli and a considerable amount of oil OR you were lying. I’m going to presume the former because we know Mamamia readers are nice as pie (pie of the non vegetable variety).

The point is: vegetables don’t taste great but they’re good for you. Very good for you. And with a bit of imagination you can make a less than exciting culinary experience, rather fabulous.

And so is the case with this video.

Its fabulous creators have taken a topic that doesn’t really rock everybody’s socks – the history of the English language – and added the delicious toppings of humour and cute cartoons to make it totally digestible (and watchable…)

It is quite wonderful. And by the end of it your head will be SO FULL OF NEW KNOWLEDGE that you will be able to impress your contemporaries for weeks on end with your extensive understanding of the language which we all speak-eth.

You’re welcome: