Spencer and Heidi Pratt had some damming things to say about The Hills' reunion.


Reality television’s original douche bag, Spencer Pratt, shared his feelings on the 10 year anniversary special of The Hills:That Was Then, This Is Now on Twitter on Tuesday, comparing Lauren Conrad to Taylor Swift and taking multiple swipes at MTV.

“If you think TSWIFT is fake liar you can’t even imagine the level,” Pratt wrote, later adding, “If someone wanna pay for my lawyer I got audio and video for days.”

Spencer Pratt with wife Heidi. Source: Instagram.

Originally appearing on the show as Heidi Montag's love interest, Pratt quickly became public enemy number one of lead star Lauren Conrad, with the pair's dislike of one another remaining highly publicised throughout the years.

Then reigniting the spark this week, the now 32-year-old crystal collector and social stirrer shared his views and ensured social media followers he was not upset about not bing invited to participate in the retrospective special, Tweeting, "No joke I would rather do homework than watch #TheHills special tonight [and] I HATE homework".

Pratt also claimed he had no need to watch the reunion because a crystal ball told him Conrad was still the "same fake fake fake liar" as she was a decade ago.


Meh. Source: Giphy. 

"If @MTV execs had brains the entire #TheHills cast would be sitting on couches w/ moderator" Pratt continued before later adding, "everyone involved w/ production is fake as s***."

Both Pratt's best friend Brodie Jenner, and younger sister Stephanie, also appeared in the show, but both cut off contact with the star in recent years.

Rosie Waterland and Laura Brodnik discuss the reunion on The Binge. Post continues... 


Promising to blow open the hit show's biggest secrets and reveal what was real and what was just a good plot line, Pratt's wife of seven years and fellow Hills alumni Heidi Montag did participate in the retrospective and also live Tweeted the event for US women's publication. Broadly.

“I feel like I’m watching found footage from a horror movie,”

“I’m struggling to watch Lauren cut me off,” she blogged for the publication. "Emotionally, physically — she shut me down in every way. She refused to listen to me or give me a chance.

""Unwritten" wasn't just the soundtrack to Lauren's life," Heidi said, continuing, "It was the song of Audrina's, Whitney's, and my life too. "Feel the rain on my skin / no one else can feel it for you / only you can let it in / no one else, no one else / can speak the words on your lips." I believe these lyrics. I live them."

The Hills: That Was Then, This Is Now airs 7 August on MTV. Watch the trailer below... 

Video via The Hills