"Scary as all hell." The Netflix horror series that has the internet obsessed.

With the Australian weather being perpetually wet at the moment, there’s no better time for a Netflix horror series to come out.

Except… it might make the thunderbolts and lighting very, very frightening.

The Haunting of Hill House was released on Netflix on Friday and it appears that many people have already binge-watched the entire thing.


Because it’s fantastic.

The story line follows the Crain family who spent a life-changing summer at Hill House, a terrifying mansion.

Watch the trailer for The Haunting of Hill House below. Post continues after video… 

The five Crain siblings are now dysfunctional, as they battle with the demons they encountered that summer, and throughout the series we learn exactly what happened after their mother died.

There are family secrets. There is betrayal.

It’s like Hereditary meets American Horror Story meets This Is Us.

And it’s completely addictive, which is why the people of Twitter are madly posting their feelings.





The movie is MA15+ so maybe make sure the kids are in bed.

And that you leave the hallway light on… just in case.