The genius hack for fixing a broken compact, and preventing it breaking in the first place.

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There’s nothing worse than reaching into your bag and finding that your favourite powder has been reduced to dust. Or dropping it watching it break into smithereens onto the floor.

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Not only is the way to prevent it super easy, so is the way to fix it.

1. How to avoid your compact from breaking.

It’s extremely simple – to give it an extra layer of protection, simply place a cotton pad (cut to size if needed) on top of the powder and close.

Ta da! Goodbye, breakage.

Simple and easy. Image: supplied.

1. Fixing broken powder

Carefully pick your broken product off the floor, collecting any loose bits and adding back to the compact.

Add two drops of rubbing alcohol (available at local supermarket) and smooth it out into what will feel a little like a paste.

Let it dry overnight and it will reset as it was before. Genius! (Post continues after video)

This is also a great way to convert loose eyeshadows into pressed form - simply follow the same instructions.

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"Isopropyl Alcohol" (AKA rubbing alcohol) has been approved for use in cosmetics and is found in a range of eye, nail and skincare products, however it can be an irritant for those with sensitive skin. If this is you, try a patch test or avoid completely.
Do you have any makeup hacks you swear by?