WTF is up with this rapper's Instagram game?

Where to start?

The Game is a rapper and his Instagram game is quite something.

#HappyValentinesDaySpecial #DidYouWakeUpToRoses #HowManyCauseOneDozenAintEnough #YouDeserveARoseForEveryHairYouShavedOffThatVajajay #ChocolatesAintGoneCutItThisYear #YouDeserveAChanelBag #IMeanYouGottaPussyDontYou #YouBeenLettinThatNiggaLickYouSinceLastValentines #HeOweYou #YouBeenLettinHimInsideThatWarmSummersDayLovePouchHaventYou #NiggasCryOverPussy #DieOverPussy #ItsWorthMoreThanAnythingOnTheEarth #SoAintNoWayEveryWomanInTheWorldShouldntBeLickedFromFrontToBikeToday #WhyCantYouFlossOnTheGramOneTime #DontLetYoGirlsPostFlyShitWhileYouPostingQuotesBihh #MakeYoNiggaGiveYouWhatYouDeserve #WhatIsThatYouAsk #YouDeserveRosesABagSomeShoesAndYoPussyAteWhileLovesJonesPlaysOnTheTVinTheBackground #MakesTheseNiggasPay #GodGaveYouThePower #NowOpenYaLegsAndCloseEmRealQuick #Yea #ShowEmHowASunnyDayCanTurnIntoAStormWitDatPussy #ItsYoDay #DropsMic

A photo posted by The Game (@losangelesconfidential) on Feb 14, 2016 at 8:57am PST

So those pants are quite something, right?

And his hashtags are epic. Not only is he generous with his use of them, when you look closer they’re hard not to read. And some of them are a little hard to understand.

A selection broken down for your reading pleasure:

You Deserve A Rose For Every Hair You Shaved Off That Vajajay.

You Been Lettin Him Inside That Warm Summers Day Love Pouch Havent You

Die Over Pussy

So Aint No Way Every Woman In The World Shouldnt Be Licked From Front To Bike Today (Surely he means back here?)

Why Cant You Floss On The Gram One Time

Dont Let Yo Girls Post Fly Shit While You Posting Quotes Bihh

You Deserve Roses A Bag Some Shoes And Yo Pussy Ate While Loves Jones Plays On The TV in The Background

God Gave You The Power

Its Yo Day

Drops Mic

It just screams… romance, yes?

If you want to see The Game in action, here he is at a premiere of the film Waist Deep (post continues after video):

And then when it comes to the snaps themselves? The Game is rather fond of playing the big reveal. He doesn’t seem overly interested in modesty.

Further gems in his “Valentines Day Weekend Special” hashtag game include:

Time To Break The Internet Again

Now Handle Your Business Before I Do

What She Has Is A Reflection Of You. So Make Her Look Like She Got The Same Stylist As A Kardashian

Massage Her Feet Til She Can Float.

Treat That Woman Like Barack Treats Michelle

Meat Print Papi Has Spoken.

Drops Mic

Our mic is dropped, The Game.