The funniest 5 memes of the Olympic Games

After one final weekend of competition and pomp, the Olympic Games will come to a close in London on Sunday. But, given the plethora of hilarious memes they've inspired, their legacy on the Internet will live forever. (Or until people stop caring next week.) Read on to see our top five favourites.


McKayla Is Not Impressed Tumblr
The U.S.A.’s McKayla Maroney became known for a lot of things in London — primarily for her inimitable talent as a gymnast. But the teen also gained attention for the icy scowl on her face after she won silver following a disappointing finish in the vault. The look was immortalized in this Tumblr, which features the infamous shot edited into various scenes. (ie. the first pictures sent by Mars rover Curiosity, a royal wedding photo, a spectacular view of the Grand Canyon, the pyramids in Egypt, the American Idol judging panel). But it turns out McKayla actually is impressed by the Tumblr! She retweeted a link to the website on 8 August.


“Hey Girl,” Ryan Lochte Edition
Vanity Fair got into the game with an overt effort to create a new meme. They posted a photo of the dashing Ryan Lochte in the pool, with the words, “Hey girl. You’re the only thing I want to medal in.” It’s a play off the well-known Ryan Gosling meme of the same stripe. Which famous Ryan would you rather give you the “hey girl”? We’d be hard-pressed to decide!


Olympic Divers on Toilets
This one’s pretty self-explanatory. What do you get when you superimpose likenesses of divers, complete with facial expressions of intense focus and exertion, onto pictures of toilets? Utterly base hilarity, really. (OMG, LOL, how old are we?)


Olympics or Gay Porn?
This one’s not totally safe for work, so click at home (when the kids are not there) and commence snickering. This blog shows pictures of scantily clad male Olympians juxtaposed with shots from porno videos to expose — ahem — the striking similarity between the two. Don’t worry: All images are sanitized thanks to a strategically placed bar that mocks the look of a TV’s info readout. 


Olympic Doppelgangers
BuzzFeed compares photos from Olympics events with unrelated photos to call out the similarities. They range from the plausible — for instance Lol Jones and Rashida Jones — to the downright silly (London Mayor Boris Johnson and an orangutan on a tricycle).