The Fluff Files: Guess who is expecting her sixth baby?

Antonia Kidman

Guess who is pregnant with her sixth baby?

It’s her sixth child but only her second with her new husband. The mum-to-be (again!) is … Antonia Kidman. That’s right, Nicole Kidman’s little sister and her husband Craig Marran are preparing for the arrival of her sixth child in December. Antonia has four children to ex-husband Angus Hawley – Lucia, 14, Hamish, 11, James, nine, and Sybella, five. While she and Marran also have a 20-month-old son, Nicholas.

Last weekend, Antonia said she was excited to again be expecting: “I don’t think there’s much difference between five and six (kids), but if you ask me in a few months’ time when I’ve got a screaming newborn and feeding every three hours, I might say differently.”

Russell Crowe goes kayaking, gets lost, has to be rescued by US Coast Guard. 

Russell Crowe kayaking in Sydney Harbour

The actor had to have lift home from the coast guard after he got lost on a kayaking trip. Russell and his friend lost their way in the dark off New York’s Long Island and ended up beached on a shore nearly 10 miles east from where they had set out.

According to People.com, the coast guard was patrolling the area and heard the 48-year-old actor calling out from the shore around 10 p.m. The coast guard did not recognize the actor but paddled over and brought them back.

Crowe tweeted a thank you on Sunday morning, saying: “Thanks to Seth and the boys from the US Coast Guard for guiding the way… 4 hrs 30 mins, 7m(11.2km).”

Brian McFadden has gotten married in Italy. The 32-year-old singer is believed to have married Irish DJ Vogue Williams in a romantic ceremony in Florence, Italy, attended by friends and family.


Last week, he wrote: ‘Look out Italy the Irish and the Aussies are coming in hot!!!!!!!!’ ‘Florence turn around. Were here! Jersey shore style!’ he added on Friday, before finally confirming on Sunday morning: ‘I’m getting married today. #justsayin.’

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