The first time I was pregnant, I read a lot of books.

….. I scoured the net A LOT. I popped into forums, Googled "sore boobs" frequently and then suddenly had to Google "What if my boobs don't hurt anymore? Is this bad?". It was all there. I spent a lot of time online sucking it up.

By the time I was pregnant for the third time, I did pretty much nothing. No web, no books, no time. My attitude to my own pregnancy and everyone else's attitude to my pregnancy changed each time. From being treated like a delicate flower (can I carry your bag? do you need help getting out of that car? is your tea cup too heavy?) to, well, to being ignored basically. Like a very large piece of wallpaper.

If you are fortunate enough to have been pregnant (I am always mindful of the women reading this website who are struggling to fall pregnant or who missed their chance and who WISH they could complain or compare notes about pregnancy – it's hard and it hurts, I know), what approach did you take? And if you've been pregnant more than once, how did that approach change each time?
Here, the Momversation girls share their experiences. I laughed. I related.