The Find: 4 ways to accessorise this weekend

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Accessories are an important part of a woman’s life. Fact. I’m not putting it up there with food, wine and water, but, to me at least, they’re kind of necessary. No, my head isn’t filled with designer bags, lace and ribbon (although I believe this is yet to be entirely disproved), but when a woman walks into a room, like it or not, assumptions will be made based on whether your shoes match your belt that matches your bag, before you even have a chance talk with your mouth full or forget which one is the dessert spoon.  I’m not saying we need to try and be some Miranda Kerr-esque Style Icon, but clothes are like a compulsory school sport and it’s sometimes handy to know a few ways to, well… cheat. Plus, whether or not you consider yourself Good At Fashion, I think accessorizing is pretty much the most fun you can have with your clothes on.  Also a fact.  When you see the pictures below, you will know exactly what I mean (you can tell I’m the kind of person who will make scrapbooks when I grow up).

Also (shameless plug), accessorising is cheap on Mamamia Shopping. It really is, there are accessories from $15, plus beautiful and special pieces that are a bit more of a splurge. Either way, if you choose wisely, a new item of jewellery can let you make the most of any outfit and make it look new. You’re basically SAVING money. Hey, you might have worn that dress ten thousand times, but at least the $10 necklace is new. You get the idea…


Here are a few fun ideas on how to mix and match accessories, from someone who considers herself at least a little bit Good At Fashion, plus some of the latest steals and splurges from Mamamia Shopping:

1. Collared shirt + ‘statement’ neck piece + satchel bag = this has nine to five written all over it.

Brown Sugar Cobat Snake shirt, $44.95. Gloss Fashion Schoolgirl Satchel, $69.95. Somersault Style Piper silver necklace, $17.99

2. Wooden bangles + colourful necklace + slouchy bag = ‘boho luxe’. Yes, it’s a real thing. Tip – Picking a feature colour from your necklace and layering bracelets in that shade with timber bangles will tie your look together.

Anna Design Embroidered Fabric Bag, $120. Somersault Style gold mirror bracelet set, $14.99. Ruby Olive, sentimental thin bangles, $30. Ruby Olive sentimental flat disc necklace, $45.

3. Printed or sparkly or some kind of special sandals + cuff + sparkly studs + cute and quirky ring = something for every day.

Somersault Style Princess DJ bangle, $12.99. Edward Meller Tomkin Zebra Sandal, $139. Pink LouLou Horseshoe pinky ring, $159. Somersault Style gun metal black studs, $14.99

4. Cocktail ring + drop earrings + black high heels + clutch = a pretty evening look that works interchangeably with multiple special occasion outfits. Note: If you plan on walking long distances, waiting in taxi lines, dancing, walking long distances or waiting in taxi lines, less high shoes are recommended.

Chrissy L Say My Name ring, $69. Katie’s Shoes Miss Paddington, $110. LuLu and I beaded clutch, $89. Chrissy L Say My Name earring, $69

If you’re feeling a little fashion inspired and you’re a little bit interested in any of the above, you can shop this story here.


Which accessories are you loving at the moment?