The feud between two Seven Year Switch couples has reached boiling point.


The fight between Seven Year Switch couples Jackie and Tim and Brad and Tallena is showing no signs of slowing down.

Jackie and Tim recently spoke to New Idea about their feud with their experimental partners, saying they’ve been “disappointed” at Brad and Tallena’s behaviour since the show aired.

Watch Brad propose to Tallena on the Seven Year Switch. Post continues after video..

Video via Channel 7

“We’ve been quite disappointed with some of the private messages they’ve sent us, as well as some of the public posts they’ve put on Instagram,” Jackie told the magazine.

Tim also revealed that Tallena – who shamed Tim online for stripping down for a spa session in a now-deleted post – had a nude scandal of her own that didn’t make it to air.

Jackie and Tim spoke to a magazine about Brad and Tallena earlier this week. Image via Instagram

"She was about to do an interview on camera and she tiptoed over to the windows, pulled down her pants, pressed her vagina to the window, then ran around, opened the door and said: “Did you see my *****?'" he said.

Now, Brad and Tallena have hit back on the claims, calling Jackie and Tim's latest statements "embarrassing".

Brad and Tallena have labelled Tim and Jackie as "embarrassing". Image via Instagram

"Move on, we have! And life is pretty great! Today when I read the article my immediate reaction was enough is enough! The truth needs to be told!" they wrote on Instagram.

"I sat back and reassessed the last 10 months and remembered how far we have come, and how great we are right now, and it makes me realise that you're not worth it. Bullies are people that feel the need to put others down to mask their own insecurities. It's even more embarassing for you parents to be, that you're still carrying on with this level of immaturity."

Jackie and Tim talk babies on Seven Year Switch. Post continues after video.

The couple wrote that Tim and Jackie's "obsession" with them is "becoming embarrassing on your behalf".

After the show finished airing, Brad and Tallena tied the knot in Bali. Tim and Jackie are expecting their first child together after Tim proposed during the Seven Year Switch reunion special.

Tim and Jackie are yet to respond to Brad and Tallena's latest scathing post.