Based on the iconic book series, The Famous Five on Stan is the perfect family series.

Consider your free time this holiday season filled with the wholesome new series, The Famous Five, guaranteed to entertain every kind of family member. 

The series is only available on Stan and is an adaption of the popular novels by beloved English author, Enid Blyton, who also wrote The Faraway Tree series. 

The Famous Five is a cinematic re-imagination of the classic stories told through three 90-minute feature-length installments. Viewers will follow five young explorers as they embark on unforgettable adventures, decode mysteries and uncover secrets on a spectacular odyssey that will delight kids and adults alike.  

The series comes from the creative team behind Peaky Blinders, so you know it will be beautifully told, with a healthy splash of grit and intrigue. Along with the cast of exciting new young talent, the series stars Game of Thrones' Jack Gleeson, Moon Knight's Ann Akinjirin, Ted Lasso's James Lance and Father Brown's Diana Quick.

The Famous Five was executive produced by Nicolas Winding Refn and Matthew Read. Each episode boasts a different director, with creative minds such as Tim Kirkby (Fleabag), Asim Abbasi (Churails), and Bill Eagles (Pennyworth) at the helm.

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The Famous Five books that the series is based on are Enid Blyton's most-loved creations by children around the world. Since the publication of Five on a Treasure Island in 1942, families have grown up following the adventures of Julian, Dick, Anne, George and their dog Timmy. 

The five friends spent holidays exploring mythical places like Kirrin Island, Smuggler's Top, and Owl's Dene, bringing along maps, torches, packed sandwiches, and of course, ginger beer.


The books were a runaway success, with Blyton initially only intending to write a handful of books in the series, but she went on to write a mammoth 21 novels — so there's plenty of material. 

And staggeringly, the original books have never been out of print, selling 600 million copies around the world. 

In the TV series, three different stories will be told across three installments, beginning with our crew being pitted against a treasure hunter on a deserted island, then jumping on a secret service mission, and ending with a race to locate a mysterious manuscript. 

Dick, George, Anne, Julian, and their dog Timmy. Image: Supplied.


Our five are played by Diaana Babnicova (Don't Breath 2) as George, Elliott Rose (The Northman) as Julian, Kit Rakusen (Stan Exclusive Series The Midwich Cuckoos) as Dick, and new talent Flora Jacoby Richardson as Anne. 

And the story would be nothing without a colourful crew of villains. Most exciting to me personally (as a longtime Throner), the actor who played iconic Mad King Joffrey on Game of Thrones, Jack Gleeson, is playing Wentworth. 

Yep, the man is back in his villain era and I'm living for it.

I've seen the first episode and Gleeson is in thrilling form. I can't think of another actor who can pull off the specific trope of a pathetically deranged villain with so much ease.

Each scene where Wentworth appeared had me absolutely glued to the screen, which speaks to Gleeson's power to entrance an audience.

Game of Thrones' Jack Gleeson is back doing what he does best. Image: Supplied.


Another standout is the young actor playing the group's leader George, Diaana Babnicova, who is simply a star in the making. She's a commanding presence, steering the group on their adventures, and is a captivating hero worth rooting for.

The chemistry between the four kids is a joy to watch, with the rising stars acting like they've known each other for years. As the kids go on their pursuit of adventure, the stunning scenery and impressive special effects all add to the magic. 

The series is also unexpectedly funny, with George's parents, played by Ann Akinjirin and James Lance, offering some light relief in some of the tense moments. While obviously catered to a younger demographic, there are enough dynamic characters to keep all ages entertained.

This series is the epitome of old meets new and is the perfect show for parents who grew up reading the books and now want to introduce their children to these characters. This modern series is the perfect vessel to hand down Blyton's enchanting stories to the next generation.

The first instalment of The Famous Five is ready to stream only on Stan. Part two and three will arrive in 2024.

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