There's now an app so parents can distract their kids while they have sex.

There’s now a kids’ show featuring puppets that will distract your kids and never, ever ends. And no, it doesn’t star Lamb Chop.

Four Seasons Condoms has created an entertainment program and app, with the help of Sydney-based advertising agency Marcel, that will keep your children busy while you and your significant other, erm, get busy.

It’s called The Extendables (heh), it’s about a bunch of fuzzy extra-terrastrials and it promises not to finish until you do.

The idea is to give you something to plonk your little ones in front of, so you can have some much needed alone time.

Really, this is a thing that actually exists. Source: Four Seasons Condoms

It turns the webcam in your device into a motion detector and will let you know if you're about to get sprung, plus you can extend the show by five-minute intervals as many times as you need. Seriously.

The campaign is designed to highlight the importance of maintaining intimacy between parents once kids enter the equation and, you know, sell some condoms to make sure you don't have any more.

Welcome to parenting in 2017.

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