Before and after: beauty queen to drug addict.


Jamie France, now 23, is a former teen beauty pageant winner. She won Miss Teen Oregon in 2009.

When we think about beauty pageant winners, we think glowing skin. We think large bright eyes and shimmery, bouncing hair.

These young women may be flawless in appearance, but few real lives ever are.

After her pageant win, Jamie was in a car accident that left her with a painful back injury. She was prescribed pain-killers for her back, but when her scripts ran out, she turned to heroin.

This year she was arrested in Keizer, Oregon for possession of methamphetamines, heroin and suboxne.

The police took a mugshot and have released it to show how the drugs had affected her once rosy complexion.

The transformation is shocking.

Jamie France: before and after addiction to heroin and methamphetamines.


The picture also demonstrates that not every person trapped by addiction fits the cliche of a skeezy loser.

Sometimes, it’s the girl next door.

“One of the points we’re trying to make is that most people believe your heroin and controlled substance users are just losers, and that they’re not everyday average or ordinary folks,” said Deputy Chief Jeff Kuhns with Keizer Police. “But what we’re finding out more and more is that they are truly people that came from good lives, and they’ve ruined their lives by becoming involved in these drugs.”

The mugshots of Jamie’s co-accused also have a story to tell.

Jarrod and Erin Wells were arrested with Jamie for methamphetamine and heroin charges, as well as endangerment of their children aged 7 and 4, who were in their house when it was raided by police.

This is Jarrod Wells.

And his wife, Erin Wells.


As kids leave for Schoolies, it’s not a bad reminder of how addiction can ravage your appearance and your life.

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