Forget The Dress. These are the images that are blowing our mind today.

If The Dress did your head in, wait until you see some of these.

When the world lost its collective mind about the colour of The Dress, it taught us one important lesson – we cannot trust our eyes (or as it turns out, our friends, family or colleagues).

But as scientists have explained, there is a reason for the blue/black/gold/white fiasco. Some of it is biological – and some of it is the context in which we see the image.

Read more: The science of The Dress made simple.

Azeem Azar, a tech-company specialist, demonstrated how vital context is when he posted this image on twitter.

The colours in the spirals are the same – a turquoise colour – but if you put them beside pink or orange and our eyes adjust to perceive them differently. Read more: What celebrities thought about The Dress. Click through our gallery for more colour illusions that are based on the same science of The Dress.


If your mind is still reeling from those images, the next one is likely to shut your brain down.

Actually, that is pretty much the only explanation for the person who decided to get this done yesterday: 

@nickyork9000 did a thing on my leg A photo posted by Daniel Howland (@danielhowland) on

Yes. Some bloke got The Dress tattooed on his leg.

And with that, I think we can safely declare The Dress over.