The worst movie of all time has just become the best movie of 2018.

In the early noughties a man named Tommy Wiseau decided to make his own Hollywood movie.

Without any previous experience in the film industry, Wiseau assembled a cast and crew and booked a real movie studio to film it in.

Wiseau was the writer, director, producer and star of the movie. He roped in his best friend, Greg Sestero, to play the other main role.

The movie cost him six million dollars to make. In its opening weekend, it grossed $1800 at the box office.

That movie is The Room.

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If you’ve watched it, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. If you haven’t watched it, boy, are you in for a treat.

It’s pretty much been lauded as the worst movie of all time.

Think the kind of stuff you made in your year nine drama class and multiply it by 10.

NOTHING happens in The Room – it’s basically a whole bunch of terrible dialogue punctuated by the most cringe-worthy sex scenes of all time.

On its opening night, the audience laughed out loud throughout the whole movie… it wasn’t meant to be a comedy.

It’s… terrible. But it’s also kind of brilliant.

Over the 14 years since the movie was first released it’s attracted a huge cult following.

It’s so bad that people just can’t get enough of it. Cinemas around the world regularly screen it and there’s thousands of online forums and YouTube videos dedicated to discussing exactly what the heck is wrong with the film (Hint: EVERYTHING).

The Room fans have also become obsessed with Wiseau himself – as no one really knows where he came from, how old he is, or where the hell he got the six million dollars to make the movie.


And now a movie about the, erm, movie is set to be one of the best movies of 2018.

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It’s called The Disaster Artist and it stars James Franco as Wiseau and Dave Franco as Sestero.

The movie follows the story of the two best friends – how they met in a drama class in San Francisco and what led them to move to LA and to make the worst movie of all time.

Quite frankly, it’s hilarious.

James Franco was made for this role. He perfectly portrays Wiseau’s awkward, bumbling, larger than life personality.

He captures how this Frankenstein-esque man, with such a mysterious past, could have so much self-belief that he would create the world’s worst movie – without realising it. And how the cast and crew could unwillingly go along, making possibly the worst career moves of their lives.

The best bit? You don’t actually need to have watched The Room to enjoy The Disaster Artist. It stands on its own.

You’ll get it without even knowing the background story and when you do finally watch The Room, you’ll bloody love it.

With The Disaster Artist, the Franco brothers have achieved something almost inconceivable – they’ve turned one of the worst movies of all time into one of the best movies of 2017.

The Disaster Artist is screening in cinemas around Australia right now.

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