We finally know what roles Prince Charles, Princess Diana and Camilla will play in The Crown.


Anyone who has watched the first two seasons of The Crown has immediately become obsessed with it.

The period drama follows the inner workings and scandals of the British royal family.

Watching an episode of The Crown is like boning up on parts of history you never knew were so damn fascinating.

Every couple of seasons, the series has to recast its main characters as they age.

We already know Olivia Colman is stepping in to play the role of Queen Elizabeth and now we finally have some clues about what’s going to happen in season three.

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The Crown’s casting director, Nina Gold (who also cast Game of Thrones), dropped some hints to Vanity Fair’s Julie Miller.

“Charles, Camilla, and Anne are going to be pretty interesting characters to follow, because they are just coming into their own,” she told the publication.

“We’ve cast a pretty wide net for these new young characters.”

Gold said she’s likely going to cast lesser-known actors for the roles.

“We’re unlikely to cast a major movie star,” she explained.

“It’s quite interesting and fun to try and find new or new-ish talent. When we cast Claire and Vanessa, they had done loads of really good work, but they weren’t very well-known to this kind of worldwide audience—which was great, because they totally owned the characters without too much baggage.”

With Prince Charles, Gold is auditioning characters from a large age range as they will be portraying him over 14 years of his life. The character will age from 16 to the late twenties and graduate from school and university and begin Charles’ naval career.


The character will also meet Camilla for the first time during this period.

“I think we’re going from 1964 when we start… and then we have to get him to about 16 to the late twenties. There are a lot of changes in any young man’s life at that spread of ages.”

In this season, Princess Anne will go from being Charles’ younger sister to a married woman. She’ll graduate from high school, participate in her first public engagement, and marry Mark Phillips at Westminster Abbey.

During this series we’ll also be introduced to Camilla Shand, later known as Camilla Parker Bowles. Camilla and Charles will date briefly, and Princess Anne will also date Andrew Parker Bowles, the man who later become Camilla’s first husband.

But there is one person who we won’t be meeting this season… Princess Diana.

Gold confirmed to Vanity Fair that Diana would not be introduced until the show’s fourth season.

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Diana didn’t actually meet Charles until 1977 when he was dating her older sister, Sarah.

“Diana’s not in this season,” Gold told the publication.

“When we do get to her, that is going to be pretty interesting.”

The third season of The Crown is likely to drop on Netflix towards the end of this year.

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