The trailer for The Crown season two just dropped and hurry up December, please.

Practise your royal wave and ready your stiff upper lip – The next season of The Crown is almost upon us.

Netflix has just dropped the trailer for season two and it looks like we’re in for a blockbuster series.

An addictive historical drama, The Crown, charts the professional and personal life of Queen Elizabeth. It’s engaging, fascinating and serves to humanise the real people behind the crown.

Image: Netflix

If the teaser of the new season is anything to go by, the drama is about to be cranked up a notch.

The season finale saw Princess Margaret end her forbidden romance with Peter Townsend, Prince Phillip (Matt Smith) shipped off to Australia for five months to "sort himself out" and Elizabeth (played expertly by Clare Foy) making the alienating decision between love and duty, putting the nation before personal and family happiness.

the crown
Image via Netflix.

Season two will reportedly span seven or eight years up until 1964, with the focus moving from solely on Elizabeth to Phillip and his relationship with his son.

The trailer shows Phillip and Elizabeth back together, but things don't appear to be resolved with his alleged wandering eye.

"The rumours still haven't gone away. I've learnt more about humiliation in the last few weeks than I hoped to in a lifetime," says Elizabeth.

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Princess Margaret appears to have a new love interest which fingers crossed will be more successful than the last, with Matthew Goode playing photographer Antony Armstrong Jones, the Earl of Snowdown.

American President John F Kennedy (played by Dexter's Michael C Hall) and his wife Jackie also make an appearance on a visit to London in 1961. Historically we know that Kennedy and the Queen would only meet once before he was assassinated.

Season two will be the last series with the current cast, who will be replaced as their characters get older.

While the season isn't here yet, the good news is we don't have to wait too long.

All the episodes will drop on Netflix on December 8. See you there.