Why you need to watch The Crown immediately.

Go on, admit it – you have a a teeny-tiny, secret fascination with the Royal Family.

Even if you’d never publicly show it, you lap up articles about Kate Middleton, you coo over snaps of Prince George and you’re definitely all over the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle situation.

If so, The Crown is your next addiction.

The first season dropped last week and there are 10 hour-long episodes waiting for you to binge on.

Following the reign of Queen Elizabeth II from 1947, a few years before her ascension to the throne, it’s got everything a good TV series needs – strong characters, romance, death, betrayal, political tension and a forbidden royal dalliance. Even better, it’s all 100 per cent true.
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Written by Peter Morgan, who’s also responsible for The Queen and play The Audience both starring Helen Mirren, it’s meticulously researched, beautifully shot and features a stellar cast including Claire Foy as Elizabeth, Matt Smith as Prince Phillip and John Lithgowe as Winston Churchill.

Oh, and it cost a whopping $170 million to make – with the Queen’s replica wedding dress in the first episode costing $50,000 alone – making it one of (if not THE) most expensive television productions of all time.

We reckon it’s worth every cent.


Image: Netflix


For centuries (and encouraged since the dawn of tabloids) there's always been a peverse fascination with the royal family and The Crown certainly feeds that by giving us an insight into the side of their lives we don't see. But rather than trashy, it's done tastefully and presents a very human side to figures we've only seen waving elegantly from a balcony.

Think Downton Abbey, but better.

While the younger set of Royals led by Prince William and Kate Middleton are media savvy, it gives viewers even greater access into the relationships, challenges and scandals of the older generation that many might not have heard of or be familiar with.

For those that were around, it brings to life the pieces and titbits that were rumoured and reported. (Post continues after gallery.)

It's particularly relevant at the moment given all the fuss about Prince Harry's now confirmed relationship with Suits actress Meghan Markle and proves he's certainly not the first (or likely the last) to experience intense scrutiny of his choice of partner.

We're privy to the pushback Elizabeth gets about Phillip has her choice (she doesn't budge), the challenges her marriage faces when she does become Queen, as well as the much juicier blossoming but forbidden romance between her sister Margaret and her father King George VI’s right-hand man, Group Captain Peter Townsend.


The first few episodes are guaranteed to send you in a spiral of Wikipedia research for more details alone.

Netflix have commissioned two series already but the idea is that each season will chart a decade of Her Majesty's reign.

While the Queen hasn't officially endorsed the show herself, there are rumours it might be possible.

Showrunner Peter Morgan told a press conference that the Royal family were "very, very aware" of the series.

"I think Netflix are working on getting her to give an endorsement. Through untraceable back channels, countless approaches have been made."

Either way, one is very entertained.

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