The craziest revenge stories you'll ever read

They say it's a thin line between love and hate - and they're right. Ready for some jaw-dropping examples of ex-lover revenge? These 11 real stories will make you think twice before betraying your significant other.

1. A garage sale with a twist

Never cheat on your spouse and then leave her alone with the house. According to the Daily Mail, a woman in Canada sought revenge on her husband by advertising a "Cheating Lying Yard Sale" on website Craigslist. While he was was away with his "floozie," she planned to sell all of his possessions, like his favorite leather sofa and recliners, and ultimately, the house they shared.

She also offered customers to view the remaining ashes of her ex-husband's clothes that she burned for no additional cost. All proceeds of the sale will go toward their divorce.

2. Aaaaand... touchdown!

Rabid sports fans love dressing up and making signs to support their favorite team, but this fan had her game face on for a different reason.

During a US football match on Christmas day last year, Annie Wagner held up a sign with a particularly special message to her now ex-boyfriend. The sign, which read, "My cheating ex boyfriend is watching from couch instead," was shown during NBC's telecast of "Sunday Night Football" and was later picked up on broadcasts from around the nation.

Score: Ex-boyfriend: zero, Annie: one.

3. You gotta get with my friends...

Mess with one woman, you get burned, mess with four women -- well, you're screwed. A Wisconsin, USA man who set up a session with one of his several extramarital lovers learned his lesson, and learned it well.


His plans to meet for a rendezvous at a local motel turned sour when four furious females who were eager to get revenge attacked him. The women allegedly tied the man to the bed, blindfolded him, cut his clothes off with scissors and "fastened the man's most private member to his own stomach," according to reports.

After the women exited the scene, the man was somehow able to release himself from the bondage and contact police from the motel office. According to reports, the fearsome foursome consisted of two of the man's girlfriends, one of the girlfriends' sister and his own wife. The women faced charges for false imprisonment. We sure hope this poor sucker learned his lesson.

4. Written on the wall

Love is priceless. Revenge is $250,000 - at least the way YaVaughnie Wilkins does it.

The spurned mistress of one of President Obama's top economic advisors doled out $250,000 to put up billboards in New York's Time Square, Atlanta and San Francisco, outing the couple's eight-year affair. The three billboards showed Charles Phillips and YaVaughnie Wilkins canoodling together below his initials and a quote saying: 'You are my soulmate forever.' She launched her revenge plot after learning of Phillips' plans to reconcile with his wife Karen.

Her elaborate actions certainly achieved the desired results, as Phillips was forced to make an embarrassing (and very public) statement in which he admitted to the affair.


5. The Mousetrap

Thirty mousetraps, a bag full of marbles and a very angry girlfriend equals one epic revenge plot. This outrageous (and pretty darn hilarious) video captures the vengeful girlfriend in action. After setting up mousetraps and marbles on the floor of her ex's bedroom, she woke him up saying that his car had been towed. Her ex leaped out of bed in a panic and... well, you can guess what happened next. Watch the prankster video here.

6. An inkling of regret

In this epic (and quite disgusting) story of revenge, a jilted boyfriend took to ink - tattoo ink that is - after he learned that his girlfriend was cheating on him. Tattoo artist, Ryan L. Fitzjerald tattooed an image of a pile of excrement with flies buzzing around it on his girlfriend's back instead of the tattoo his girlfriend really asked for, which was of a "scene from Narnia."

In a carefully planned revenge plot, Fitzjerald got his ex-girlfriend to sign a waiver saying that the design of the tattoo was "up to the artist's discretion." The poor girl, who expected to find the lion, the witch and the wardrobe on her back, instead saw a giant pile of poop!

Ryan was hit with a $100,000 lawsuit, which we certainly hope his ex-girlfriend wins (and uses for laser tattoo removal).

7. What happens in a relationship... stays on Facebook

Social networking makes staying in touch and sharing information with friends easy -- so easy that sometimes the sharing can go a little overboard. One Aussie man was left in such utter despair after his girlfriend broke up with him that he took to the web to embarrass and humiliate her.

Ravshan "Ronnie" Usmanov posted nude pictures of his ex-girlfriend on Facebook and told the police that it was because she hurt him and "it was the only thing he had to hurt her back." According to court documents the pictures exposed the woman "in certain nude positions … clearly showing her breasts and genitalia" -- yes, her lady parts were all over the web. Ronnie was sentenced to six-months in prison, setting the record for Australia's first social networking-related conviction. Not really a record to be proud of, surely...


8. Movies we think you will love: "Unfaithful"

Movies you'll love? Not so much.

One disgruntled guy hacked into his ex-girlfriend's Netflix account and took over her instant queue to express the personal feelings he had about their breakup. After he found out she had been cheating on him, he logged on to her Netflix and rated movies until he had curated the site's film recommendations to start hitting a little too close to home. The titles included 'The Scarlet Letter', 'Unfaithful' and 'Slutty Summer'. Subtle, no?

We don't know much more about this Netflix-savvy boyfriend, but we do give him kudos for his creativity!

9. A Force-ful take on revenge

Remember Steve Carrell's hilarious, Star Wars-obsessed character in The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Hal? Such elaborate action-figure-obsessed men do exist outside of Hollywood, according to this vengeful video featuring two girlfriends who get back at their boyfriends for going to Vegas and "wasting money on gambling and prostitutes."

To teach their boyfriends a lesson, they take their anger out on one of the boyfriend's extensive Star Wars collection, taking axes and smashing the action-figures to smithereens (we know what Chewbacca would have to say about that: Argggggggggh!). Watch the outrageous revenge video here.


10. Why so meme?

Some people use web technology for the benefit of others; some use it at the expense of others.

When Jack Weppler broke things off with his girlfriend, she uploaded photos of Weppler to MemeGenerator. The photos were then spammed into Google's Image Search with superimposed text that was -- let's just say -- highly unflattering. MemeGenerator was able to delete the photos, but due to the many reports about the story, searches for Weppler's name still display the embarrassing images.

Lesson learned: Don't date someone who is a pro at using SEO.

11. Triple X revenge

Here's a lesson to be learned: those private things you did when you were madly in love may not stay private forever (hello, Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian...)

This reality became a nightmare for one woman whose ex allegedly posted a sex tape of the couple on YouTube. According to court documents, Michael Brent Sewell and his girlfriend broke up in November 2011 after a two-year relationship.

In April 2012, the woman contacted police after Sewell e-mailed her telling her he'd posted their intimate video on YouTube. When police contacted Sewell, he admitted to posting the video in order to embarrass his ex and get her fired from her job. He was charged with improper photography and visual recording.