Your chance to live in The Castle - before it's demolished.

Darryl Kerrigan argued that it was a home, not a house, but it seems the property’s real life owner doesn’t share his sentiment.

While the three bedroom, one bathroom Strathmore home is currently listed for $380 per week, owner Vicki Cosentino has said the property’s demolition is imminent.

Having faced ongoing tenanting and maintenance issues in recent years, the owner of The Castle‘s much loved abode has said that she’s seeking one last set of renters before the house meets its final end.

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The Castle house in real life. Source: Domain.

But what about the pool room!? The two-storey dog kennel!? The many (read: one) holes dug by Dale!? The Grecian-inspired patio!?

“I know it’s sad, but the home is going downhill and it’s just taking too much to maintain,” she told News Corp Australia earlier this week.

Cosentino also said previous tenants were constantly faced with strangers knocking on their door hoping to speak to Darryl.


Ahh, where's the wood panelling gone? Source: Domain.

The home, which was made famous by the 1997 film, shares a fence with Melbourne airport, which acted as much of the storyline for the classic film.

But thanks to Denis Denuto and Lawrence Hammill, some comparisons to Mabo's land treaty and an solid argument about "the vibe" of the takeover, the Kerrigan's won the right to keep their castle (and their jousting sticks).


Inside the Castle house. Source: Domain.

The house was last up for lease in 2010, when Cosentino says tenants brought a film crew in to film a documentary about the house.

But after two weeks of filming, Cosentino found the house with "holes drilled in the walls" and countless of staples needing to be removed.


Cosentino also said that "the tenants took off with the bond and proceeds of the filming."

This isn't the first house from the film to be sold.

Kerrigan's serenity palace at Bonnie Doon was also sold last year for $225,000.