Real estate agents have revealed who they think will win The Block.

Real estate agents have weighed in on who they believe should win The Block 2015.

The final, which goes to air tonight, will reveal which of the five South Yarra apartments nabs the top spot.

A group of real estate agents were surveyed before the apartments were auctioned, and they claim the order of the auctions will help determine the winner.

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Kiis FM reported that Biggin and Scott agent Andrew Crotty is sure it will come down to his clients Ebony and Luke, and Dean and Shay's Penthouse.

"When I'm talking to buyers I seem to get a lot of them talking about the penthouse, but with that said, I've got a few talking about mine as well," he said.

"It comes down to the order which they do them in. If you've got a later draw in the auctions, that's going to be hard work."

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Meanwhile, Greg Hocking’s Peter Zervas said his clients Andy and Whitney deserved to win.


"We've got good views. We're the only that's very light colours. It's seen as a blank canvas," he said.

"The living room is generally a stand out when it comes to apartment living and we won the Room Reveal for that one."

Glen Coutinho of RT Edgar said the penthouse wouldn’t necessarily triumph over his clients Suzi and Vonni.

"They've got murals and pictures on the walls that are local gardens and local imagery and I think that adds a bit of value to it," he said.

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However, David Wood of Hocking Stuart said his team Kingi and Caro would have an advantage as they would have the lowest reserve.

"Although the top one has better city views… ours looks across the treeline for an urbane view," he said.

"That aside, I think our kitchen is the most superior and I think kitchens sell houses."

WBP property group CEO Greville Pabst told AAP that Newcastle couple Dean and Shay's penthouse would sell for over $2 million.

He said the rest of the Commercial Road apartments should sell for around $1.7 million.

Who do you think should win? 

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