We kind of, might, probably know who will win The Block.

It’s worked every other season.

The Block: Triple Threat goes to auction on Wednesday. And every Block fan (me included) cannot wait to see who takes home the top prize.

Especially after last season’s auction melt down, where two couples walked away with $10,000. One of those couples was Deanne and Darren, who are back this season hoping to redeem themselves.

And look, if you are patient, then you can wait the 48 hours or so until the auction airs.

But if you aren’t, welcome to my life, then here is the predicted line up, backed by very thorough evidence.

If you can't wait, the winners are...

As you may or may not know, the properties are advertised on And according to their blog, the number of page views a property determines whether they will win or not. 

The judges cheering their last judging.

Now, the blog collated the results last week - before the terraces were revealed and before the Tim and Anastasia walk off saga (which you can read more about here).

All back to being friends.

The line up had Tim and Anstasia coming first with the most amount of view, followed by Josh and Charlotte, followed by Darren and Deanne and finally Jess and Ayden.


I went back and double checked if there had been any changes...and there has.

Jess and Ayden's terrace.
Darren and Deanne's terrace.
Tim and Anastasia's terrace.
Josh and Charlotte's terrace.

This is the line up at the time of publishing.

First place: Darren and Deanne with  22,057 views.

Second place: Jess and Ayden with 20,813 views.

Close third place: Josh and Charlotte with 20,392 views.

And fourth place: Tim and Anastasia with 19,516 views.

That's quite the lead Darren and Deanne have on the rest of the competition.

Well that will make the Block fans happy after their social media outrage on Sunday night (which would can read more about here).

So...who do you think will win The Block?

CLICK THROUGH the gallery to see some of the rooms on this season of The Block.


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