The Block creators respond to claims that the show is affecting contestants' health.

A couple participating in this season of The Block have recently spoken about how damaging it can be mentally and physically when on the show. Now, the creators of the reality TV series have responded to the claims.

The Blocks Andrew And Whitney have revealed that they suffered from panic attacks and several breakdowns while filming the renovation show. Andrew has said that if the show miscalculated their casting choices, it’s scary to think what could happen in the future.

This season particularly focused on bringing in people who had very minimal to no experience with renovating. And the renovating challenge was greater than past seasons because the contestants had to turn an octagonal former hotel in to luxury apartments.

Whitney and Andrew have raised concerns about the stress of the show. Image via @whitneyandandy Instagram.

“Some people perhaps won’t be able to handle it (competing on The Block) — and that is the risk and the scary part about it,” Andrew told The Daily Telegraph.

Andrew has been brought to tears several times throughout the show after getting grilled by the foremen. His partner Whitney also experienced chest pains which she has connected to a panic attack.

Andrew has been brought to tears.

The shows creators have responded to the couple, disputing their concerns about the show being mentally and physically dangerous to health. They've said that anybody who believes they can be on the show can, as long as they have the right attitude.

“They are all qualities Whitney and Andrew have in spades. We were as worried about Andrew at times as Whitney was," The Block co-creator, Julian Cress told The Daily Telegraph. “We obviously spoke to them both at great length about it and they found their way through it with our support.”

The Block group in happier times. Image via @whitneyandandy Instagram.

Cress said that all contestants are offered counselling if they need it and has said they are aware that they need to take care of all the contestants at all times.

"We proudly stand on our record of making 11 series of the show without putting anybody into a psych ward," Cress said.

Whitney was involved in the 'biggest catfight' in The Block's history with another contestant, single mum Suzi. During the 'fight' Whitney told Suzi to, "go and pop your tits" after Suzi had told her to, “go and have another burger, why don't you go for a run.”

When all of the hard work is over, we're excited to see their final product - what an achievement it will be.

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