FLUFF: Yet another scandal for The Block's Steve and Chantelle.

There is only one word to describe last night’s episode of the Block. Awkward.

As most of you die-hard blockheads would know, rookie renovators Steve O’Donnell and Chantelle Ford have not had an easy run this season. But in the latest block-shocker, Chantelle revealed last night that the couple is sleeping in separate beds.

“Steve and I aren’t getting along so great. We had a bit of a blue and it’s just got me a bit down,” Chantelle told her hand-held camera as she slept alone in the couple’s bed.

A sorry-looking Chantelle confessed, “I feel a bit sorry for myself. You just have to crack on and for the first time it’s really demotivated me.” Poor Chantelle.

We later see Steve snap at Chantelle as he yells orders at her: “Can you concentrate on what you’ve got to do? I’m trying to be down here to stay out of your way.” While this team of Geelong fans has been criticised for its indecisive design style and tantrums, perhaps things have gone just a bit too far.

Cut to the couple having a super intense rooftop moment (and not in the good way), and things started to feel very awkward indeed. Yikes.

The Block is basically Tantrum Central – just look at twin sisters Alisa and Lysandra Fraser who threatened to walk out this season after just a few weeks of filming.

But this latest shocking case of relationship rockiness casts a sharp light on the reality behind reality television – when the boundaries between TV and the everyday become dangerously entangled.

So next time you sit down to get your daily dose, just remember the people on camera are people in reality.

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