The Block's Luke and Ebony reveal how the show affected their weight.

This season’s Block contestants haven’t been quiet about the ways participating in the amateur renovations show has impacted their mental and emotional health. But now, Luke and Ebony have revealed the way their physical health has been affected by the grueling work schedule.

Speaking to The Daily Mail, the bother-sister duo explained that they lost a large amount of weight after missing meals and eating ‘terribly’. Ebony said, ‘It’s definitely not a way that we’d recommend for people to do it, in anyway, shape or form.’

Luke and Ebony. Image via Instagram.

Since filming ended a month ago, Luke and Ebony have begun regaining the weight they lost during their time on the show. But they believe their first five weeks on the show is when they lost the most weight.

'In all honesty though, I was very surprised that that even happened because the majority of the time, I could feel it in my clothes, but you just, you eat so terribly, because you don't eat regularly, like your normal, breakfast, lunch and dinner,' Ebony continued.

Luke and Ebony. Image via Instagram.

'So you get up in the morning and you're 'go, go go,' and you might have a coffee, then you don't stop until 3pm in the afternoon, and then what you grab is the first thing you can get because you are so hungry," she said.

Luke added, 'You're eating really bad food and those first couple of weeks, I didn't eat much at all anyway. Plus, you're just doing massive bits of work, the kilos just fell off.'

This season's Block contestants. Image via Instagram.

Ebony admits that it was not a healthy way to lose weight. 'I think anyone any contestant who has ever been in The Block, they'll tell you that when they lose weight, it's not something like 'oh I felt great when I was doing it,'' she said.

Thanks to returning to a normal day to day life, Luke and Ebony have began putting the weight back on and looking after themselves better.

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