The Block finale: It's down to these two teams.

They are the favourites to win The Block, but if reality TV has taught us anything it’s this: Don’t assume anything.

Kyal and Kara are the favourites to win The Block Fans v Faves tonight. The public says it, the bookmakers are saying it too (and if you’re going to trust anyone, trust the people who are willing to put their money on an outcome). But there’s one team who pose a genuine threat to Kyal and Kara’s seemingly in-the-bag victory – and it’s the boys, Brad and Dale.

Kyal and Kara are the favourites to win The Block.

Kyal and Kara have been a pretty formidable force. The Central Coast pair who have been avid viewers of the show for years have won endless challenges and produced amazing results.

Their relationship is solid (seemingly in both real and TV reality terms), their relaxed and laid-back approach has served them well and the results have been stunning.

When asked if they think they will win Kara told Nine, “I definitely think we have a chance of winning. But I wouldn’t say we feel 100 percent confident because they’re all so different (the apartments)."

"We’ve done all we can. The thing that makes us feel good is that no matter what happens we’re really happy with what we’ve done. I wouldn’t say confident is the right word – I’d say optimistic.”

Reasons Kyal and Kara may win:

* Amazing bathroom

* Gorgeous bedroom

* Excellent Kitchen

What lets them down:

* Poor use of space in the living area and the lounge is too small

* Ugly cupboards in the kitchen and 'unfinished' master bedroom

The Block Fans v Favs has been a surprising series with teams fighting with each other, with crews and with producers. The team who have lashed out the most are definitely the twins.

The twins have struggled this series

Alisa and Lysandra have struggled this season with some rooms being described as 'try hard' and others giving a glimpse of their former glory. It has been a hard thud back down to earth for the pair who could do no wrong in 2013.

They won The Block Sky High just last year and launched an online furniture store called Then we found out that Lysandra and her husband Ben had split. The couple have two children, Emerson, two, and Cohen, one.

Alisa is married with one child, son Nate. Both of the girls have struggled being away from their children and have also found it difficult to cope with negative feedback on some of their room reveals.

The twins have openly criticised the show, saying they regret returning to the series. They claim the show decided early on who they wanted to win. “It’s obvious (who is going to win), isn’t it," Alisa said.


Reasons they could win:

* THE KITCHEN! Stunning

* Lovely bedroom

What lets them down:

* Towel too far from the basin in the bathroom

* Living room very industrial and not warm

Brad and Dale are second favourite to win

But the boys, the boys! They have produced excellent results and could easily outdo Kyal and Kara. Brad and Dale competed in a previous series with their partners but worked so well together this season. Brad says there nerves ahead of tonight's finale are kicking in.

“I’ve said all along (our biggest competition will be) probably Kyle and Kara because they’ve done probably a very similar layout to us. I don’t think they’ve sacrificed any (space).

Reasons they may win:

* Stunning bathroom

* Most of the bedroom is amazing

What let's them down:

* The bath in the bedroom!

* Kitchen too retro with annoying lighting

Steve and Chantelle - the clear underdogs

The clear underdogs for tonight are Steve and Chantelle. The fans were so happy to be chosen to go on the show but as they've quickly learned, it's a lot harder than it looks on TV.

The couples' fights increased as the series progressed. Eventually they started sleeping in separate beds. Their stress and tension showed in their renovations.

Steve always thought he was right but rarely felt the need to fight for what he wanted, preferring to walk off in frustration, and Chantelle became increasingly frustrated with his lack of engagement.

Still, Chantelle is being positive. “I really genuinely feel like we’re all in with a chance, I really do,” Chantelle told Nine. “They always say … anything can happen on auction day. And on every other series of The Block it proves to be the case that sometimes things that aren’t expected occur."

Reasons they may win:

* Great bedroom design

* Amazing living and dining room

What lets them down:

* Bathroom, cheap and tacky designs throughout

* Kitchen design too retro with daggy artwork

Who do you think will win The Block tonight?

Check out our teams in order of who we think will win and revisit their best room designs: