The Block last night had the most Australian fight ever.

“Go and eat another burger”.

The Block is pretty much the most Australian show that has ever existed.

It’s a bunch of true blue Aussies working together to build a bloody home to be proud of.

Aussie as, mate.

So it only makes sense that the Aussie-est show that ever Aussie’d had the best Aussie fight on Aussie TV last night.

As those who watched it know, the tension boiled over between two of the contestants, Whitney and Suzi, after Suzi complained about having to clean Whitney’s apartment:

Whitney and Suzi have it out. So much tension.

After this, Whitney decided to sort out the “argy bargy” by talking to Suzi the next day.

It did not go well.

Although Suzi initially swore “I’m actually a very nice person, when you get to know me”, Whitney retorted with “I don’t like the way you talk”.

After both Whitney and Suzi continued to call each other immature (proving that both were in fact not being particularly mature), Suzi took it TOO FAR with this comment: “Have another burger darling… go for a run.”

A low blow, sure. Luckily, Whitney had a perfectly Aussie reply: “Ah shut up. Why don’t you… why don’t you pop your tits?”


But it wasn’t over. Suzi had one more retort up her sleeve, as she said, “Yeah I’ve got great tits.”

And then Whitney delivered her final burn, “No you don’t actually.”

“Ah shut up.”

Although we would never encourage conflict, there are a few reasons that this fight is one we can all be just a little bit proud of.

First of all, what other country would you be guaranteed to get such an excellent war of words on TV?

From the “ah shut up” reply to the “Why don’t you go pop your tits?” cracker, everything about this fight just screams Australian patriotism.

Also, the fact that Whitney’s boyfriend Andy was standing nearby watching, hoping that Suzi didn’t “rip shreads off” Whitney while sending down the builder to check on them was equally as glorious.

It’s OK, Whitney’s boyfriend Andy is monitoring the situation.

And finally, the resolution between the two was the pinnacle of Australian mate-ship.

Suzi apologised. Whitney accepted the apology.

They called each other “darling” and “honey” and Whitney appreciated how “ballsy” Suzi was and all was right in the world again.

From start to finish, it was a fight that perfectly summarised Australian insults and Australian reconciliation.

You bloody rippa.

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