The creators of The Block just got caught telling lies. Big lies.

No one likes to be caught faking it, but The Block has just been sprung.

For the sake of television, they FAKED a visit from the Environmental Protection Authority.

Naughty, naughty Channel Nine.


During the most recent season, drama hit the renovated roof when a 12,000 litre tank of fuel was discovered beneath the Block site when workers dug deep to install a pergola. It was discovered that the site was once an Ampol station.

So of course, Foreman Keith to the rescue!

Foreman Keith will fix this. And wear sunglasses in a dark room.

This is what happened in the episode:

The fuel tank was discovered. Drama happened. Everyone looked serious.

Keith Schleiger (the grumpy Foreman dude) was seen on camera calling the EPA, asking someone to ‘come down and have a look’.

Cut to a dramatic voice over from Scott Cam:“Back on the Block, the rep from the EPA has arrived and the news is not good”.

A guy with curly red-hair, ‘Chris’, showed up and started fiddling with the dirt. Scotty chimed in, “Chris from the EPA is taking a soil sample for testing.”

‘Chris’ the ‘EPA agent’…. 

And then, the ‘EPA agent’ said: “We’ll get this analysed at the lab and we’ll see if there’s any contamination.”


The actual EPA told The Stonnington Leader that they had not visited the site in ten years. Channel Nine spokesman Terry Stuart explained that it was a case of “identification” and an ­“editing error”. As it turns out, ‘Chris’ was an environmental scientist hired by the show.

So, he knew stuff about dirt. But he was not a dirt authority.

It all seems a bit dirty to us.

So much dirt. Dirty, dirty dirt:

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