The Block's Bec and George share beautiful baby news.

Former Block contestants Bec and George Douros have announced they are expecting their second child, while on holiday in Italy.

“I could try to tell you that this belly is the excessive amount of pasta I have consumed since arriving in Italy but it wouldn’t be the whole truth….” Bec captioned an Instagram image of the family looking out at a beautiful coastal view.

“We are excited to welcome another baby boy next February into our family.”

The news that the renovation and design duo is expecting a little brother for 21-month-old Archie would have come as a surprise to many – but not those who were paying close attention to their joint Instagram account.


In June, Bec just about let the news slip when she shared a screenshot of a text message exchange between her and George with their Instagram followers.

“I just threw up driving… It came out of no where,” a message from Bec to her partner read.

The focus of the post was on her husband’s seemingly dismissive response to his wife’s “food poisoning” – instead, sharing his joy at Archie finally fitting into his Christmas-present shoes.

But fans were more grabbed by the description of a major pregnancy symptom – morning sickness – and quick to speculate that the interior designer may be pregnant.

“Pregnant!!!” exclaimed one fan, who will no doubt be feeling particularly smug right now.


Bec and George appeared on Channel Nine’s The Block in 2013 and have since been making a living buying, renovating and selling homes.

Bec gave birth to the couple’s first son in October 2015, but not before a “traumatic” 18-hour labour that ended in a caesarean.

“I was in and out of consciousness. It was really scary, traumatic and incredibly overwhelming,” she told Woman’s Day.

As Bec’s son was facing her spine and unable to turn around to the right position on his own, the reality TV star explained that she ended up having a difficult 18-hour labour.

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“I had to have a caesarean. But I started feeling really sick, and once they pulled him out, I was bleeding profusely and they couldn’t stop it,” she said.

Thankfully the complications were resolved and Bec and George were able to take home their healthy baby boy and put the experience behind them.

Let’s hope welcoming baby number two is a far more calm experience for all.

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