One of The Block twins just shared the cutest baby bump pic.

They are the Block’s double duo who really are a force to be reckoned with in the renovating stakes. They can demolition and decorate like no other. And today, they’re showing us a very cute baby bump.

Alisa has posted a gorgeous photo of her newly ‘popped’ belly.

There was a minor hiccup in the original pregnancy announcement when some commenters weren’t sure which sister was actually expecting, but that was cleared up by the pair pretty quickly.

A picture of Alisa, glowing of course, with her growing bump was posted to Facebook along with the caption:

“Well it is official, I think I’ve finally popped!! It has taken awhile to show, but now it’s here it’s so nice to finally see proof of my precious boy growing inside me ?#?nearly20weeks? ?#?inlovealready? ?#?halfwaymark? ?#?baby pump?? #?popped?

So it’s a little boy on the way too. We’re wondering what she’ll name him.

Alia looks spectacular. Image: Facebook.

This isn't the first baby for the twins, so they'll be pretty used to the pregnancy woes and wins that come along with growing a human. Lysandra has two boys, Emerson, 3 and Cohen, 18 months. She and her husband Ben Stevens separated early last year and are sharing custody of their children. Alisa has one boy, Nate, 2.


Either way - it's an exciting new addition!

Where Alisa and Lysandra your favourite Block stars?

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