The Block's Alisa and Lysandra have called out the "disgusting" behaviour of current contestants.

The Block stars Alisa and Lysandra Fraser have labelled the behaviour of the current crop of contestants as “disgusting” and “disappointing”.

The twins, who have appeared on the reality TV show twice before, spoke out while appearing on the red carpet during Sydney’s The Dressmaker premiere.

Alisa, 31, who is currently pregnant, told The Daily Mail that she was sick of the ongoing complaints from certain contestants from the current season.

Alisa and Lysandra Fraser. Image via Instagram.

"It's a little bit disappointing to see certain couples complaining about everything. We understand more than anybody how hard it is, but when you complain about every single little thing, and say that you are working and quite clearly you're not, don't sit back and whinge, it's really, really frustrating," she said.

She went on to say that the current show was more interested in the personal fights between contestants, instead of in the renovations.

Whitney has been open about her struggles this season.

"It's less about building than it is about Whitney and Andrew and the girls at each other," she said.

Viewers seem to agree with her - The Block's Twitter account has been flooded with people saying that the show is now all about personal drama.

Lysandra and Suzi from the current season. Image via Instagram.

@hannahdb wrote, "@TheBlock9 hehe. It's hilarious. The drama! I watch it for the drama now" while @LdLesann62 added, "@TheBlock9 go Whitney and Andrew don't let 2 nastys on three get you down keep them big shoulders up girl."

As the end of the season draws nearer, we're guessing the drama will only get more intense...

Do you have a problem with the behaviour of current contestants? 

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