The war of words that's shaking up The Block Glasshouse.

Alisa and Lysandra made an appearance on The Block Glasshouse, but they’re not happy about it.

After making a recent guest appearance on The Block Glasshouse, last year’s winners, Alisa and Lysandra Fraser (or “the twins”) have attacked the show, believing they were portrayed badly in the current episode and made to look lazy.

Alisa was shown eating McDonalds, even though she has a deal with Lite n’ Easy, as well as sleeping when she was supposedly meant to be helping contestants Chris and Kenna Susetio with The Block Pop Up Shop.

In response, the sisters took to Facebook on Tuesday, writing:

“When we work day and night every single day to build our brand it is disgusting how in one night The Block can try and rip it from us. If only they actually knew that most nights we aren’t in bed until after 12am working relentlessly on our business, maybe they would think twice about dragging our name through the mud! If there is 1 thing in this world we are not, that’s lazy! Very very hurtful and utterly disappointed!”

It seems on Wednesday they were still angered, having posted another comment:

“We think we were edited in yesterday’s episode of The Block to make it way more interesting than it actually was – as that’s the nature of reality TV. Today is a new day and hopefully we can all move on to something else, like if the rest of the Blockheads are going to take points away from Simon and Shannon or if a McChicken burger is really better with extra mayonnaise?”

Executive producer of the show, Justin Sturzaker has since commented on the girls’ reaction, stating “It’s one of the great things about the twins they react emotionally quite quickly to everything they see. They always speak first and ask questions later.”

“The twins have been on The Block over two series and it has worked very successfully for them. They’ve won $1 million in prize money along the way and built a fantastic new brand for themselves, going from two cops on the beat to budding interior designers. I think they’ve got a pretty good understanding of how it works by this stage,” Justin said.

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