Meet this year's The Block contestants.

Get ready to rumble because The Block is set to return to our screens.

This year though, the show will be getting back to basics, with co-creator of the show Julian Cress confirming a change in direction when it came to casting for the new season. They are going back to novice renovators.

So let’s meet the couples for this season:

Kingi, 31, and Caroline, 31, from Townsville, Queensland.

Kingi and Caroline. (Image supplied)

Kingi is a renderer and Caro is a motivator and cheerleader with the NRL. The pair have a three-year-old daughter and are set to make their presence known on The Block.

"We're quick learners. If we don't know how to do something, we're both very good at resaerching it and figuring out how to do things. We both don't like being only okay or average at things. You've got to do your homework to be good at something," Caro said.

Kingi and Caro aren't new to the renovation game either, having already renovated their three bedroom house.

"We've renovated before, but not on a $250,000 budget. We've re-carpeted and painted and renovated a room on about $1,000," Kingi explains.

Andrew, 28, and Whitney, 28, from Melbourne, Victoria.

Andrew and Whitney. (Image supplied)

Andrew is a form worker and Whitney is a beauty therapist. The duo who met on dating app, Tinder, have said they have a tendency to drive each other crazy every now and then, which could be heightened by their appearance on The Block.

"It really annoys me how much he dawdles and procrastinates," Whitney said of Andrew.

In response, Andrew commented, "I'd like her to think more. Whit doesn't think about the consequences and I overthink things."

"Andrew stops and thinks too much, I just go for it," Whitney interjects.

Whitney is also prone to putting on the water works when the going gets tough.

"I cry when someone upsets me or hurts my feelings, but if someone was to upset Andrew I'd get really hurt," Whitney explains.

Suellen, 44, and Yvonne, 39, from The Gold Coast, Queensland.

Suzi and Voni. (Image supplied)

Suellen is a real estate agent and Yvonne is a personal trainer. Both are single mums and warn that they should not be underestimated.

They have been friends for over 16 years and are self admitting flirts, with Suzi mentioning that tradies in tool belts are her weakness. That's going to be interesting.


When it comes to renovating, Yvonne says, "We're both perfectionists - sometimes is a great thing, other times it's an absolute curse, especially when you've got a week to complete a room."

Suellen works in real estate which could be a huge advantage for the pair. Yet they have no renovation experience.

"I'm planning on surprising a few people. I think there are a lot of people who have, and do, underestimate me and I'm ready to show those people who I am, Yvonne," warns.

Ebony, 23, and Luke, 28, from Western Australia.

Ebony and Luke. (Image supplied)

Luke is a carpenter and landscaper, while Ebony is an interior designer and decorator. If you think they look familiar, it's because they were eliminated from the teams trying out for Triple Threat.

But they're back with a vengeance and ready to prove themselves.

"We want to prove to ourselves that we could achieve what we knew we were capable of," Ebony said.

The brother and sister duo will be taking their experience and using it to their advantage for the new series.

"You learn on The Block to adapt. You can't be a slave to the initial design, you have to be willing to change it and mould it because of the time frame. It can't always be exactly how you want it," Ebony believes.

Dean, 30, and Shay, 28, from Newcastle, NSW.

Dean and Shay. (Image supplied)

Dean is an electrician and Shay is an English and drama teacher. While the pair have been together for 14 years, they say they can push each other's buttons on occasion.

"Him telling me to calm down drives me nuts," Shay said.

"And I hate how she gets short with me at times and answers back and snaps at me," Dean responds.

The pair have who have a daughter named Everly, have already done up two houses in the past.

As usual Scott Cam and Shelley Craft will be back for the new season.

We can't wait.

Who will you be backing this season?

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