The Block's shock winners

Steve and Chantelle conquer The Block in a shock finale.

Steve and Chantelle have taken out The Block Fans v Faves, winning a total of $736,000 in prize money – and nobody thought it could have possibly happened.

Kyal and Kara – Team “Super K “- were the clear favourites, closely followed by Brad and Dale, then the twins, last year’s winners Alisa and Lysandra. But it was ‘Fans’ team Steve and Chantelle who defied their own expectations, those of the judges and the general public who thought they didn’t stand a chance.

Underdogs Steve and Chantelle win The Block and set a new show record

“I really genuinely feel like we’re all in with a chance, I really do,” Chantelle told Nine earlier this week. “They always say … anything can happen on auction day. And on every other series of The Block it proves to be the case that sometimes things that aren’t expected occur.”

Competing in this series nearly cost them their relationship and it's not clear if it has been saved. Towards the end of the series the couple began sleeping in separate rooms after an epic fight. The tension remained until the final challenge.

Tonight, even as the bidding took place and it became clear that they could win, the couple seemed closer than ever before. As they ascended the stairs for their auction Steve ushered Chantelle to go ahead of him, saying, "You go first, that way I can catch you if you fall." Awwww.

As the auction began and shock gave way to joy they held hands, kissed, hugged and Chantelle looked Steve in they eye, saying, "We did it, we did it."

We really hope they can make it work.

It's been 10 week since The Block Fans v Faves kicked off and at the end of the day it all came down to good planning, calm heads and sound design.

Four teams - made up of two teams of previous contestants and two teams of fans - transformed the Albert Park, Victoria property into a cool, elegant, industrial-style apartment block.

Contestants were shocked at amazing auction results across the board

Kyal and Kara went into tonight's finale as the firm favourites, with the boys a close second. Nobody thought The Block Sky High winners Alisa and Lysandra had a chance, let alone volatile couple Steve and Chantelle.

The Blockheads would get to keep any money they received from the auction of their properties over the reserve and the team who made the most money would be given an additional $100,000.

Kyal and Kara copped the highest reserve thanks to their apartment's north facing city views. Once the final challenge money was removed they were left with $1,872,750.

Steve and Chantel received the second highest reserve. As the underdogs this is the last thing they needed. They too have city views and once the challenge money they won was deduced, they ended up with $1,834,000.

Brad and Dale also have city views but at the back of the block. Once their challenge money was deducted their reserve came in at $1,802,750.

The twins Alisa and Lysandra received the lowest reserve because their apartment has no views. Minus the challenge money their reserve ended up being $1,759,000. This gave them hope they may do better than they first thought.

Contestants were left to decide for themselves the order in which their apartments would be auctioned. They easily decided that the boys would go first, Kyle and Kara second, the Twins third and Steve and Chantelle last. The boys say they chose to go first because they wanted the pain to be over quickly. Kyal and Kara thought going second would help them get a good result, seeing as the level of interest in their apartment is already so high.

Nobody thought the weakest 'Fans' team could take out the series

Then, the auctions began with Brad and Dale. It moved quickly until it reached $2.3million quickly. $2.310 going once, going twice, sold! They won $507,000, which is the highest in the history of the show. Their total prize money from the show - $859,620. Not bad for 10 week's work.

Kyal and Kara were up next and feeling nervous after the boy's amazing results. The bidding moved quickly to $2.1. It was clear their apartment was 'the bee's knees', as Scotty Cam put it.

The bidding then surged past the boy's final price, to $2.4million, pocketing them $527,000. They became the new record holders! Then, a bid for $2.420. Then it happened again. Bidding stalled, agents became nervous, frantic phone calls were made and then the final bid of $2.440 and SOLD.

The 'Super K's' instantly pocketed $567,250. The new leaders.

Kyal said, "All we wanted to do was chip away at the mortgage". Then Kara added, "No mortgage, that's life changing. Let's buy a boat!"

Alisa and Lysandra were up next and feeling positive. And in seconds the biding went to over $2million, then $2.2. It was clear from the girl's reactions that there was no way they were expecting to do so well. About 40 seconds into bidding and they were $1000 off taking the lead. Then, it happened. $616,000 was in the girl's pockets, the were both hysterically crying and the final bid of $2.375 million was placed and sold. The girls were the new leaders.

The twins almost won for a second time

Alisa said, "I'm so proud" through her tears, hugging her sister who at one stage slumped to the ground due to the emotion.

"It hasn't sunk in," Lysandra said as they waited for Steve and Chantelle's auction to begin. Could they do it? Could they really win the series again?

Then it was Steve and Chantelle's turn. They went into their auction holding hands, feeling nervous and uncertain.

It took seconds for the bids to reach $2.3million and there were collective gasps from Chantelle, Steve and their fellow contestants. Clearly going last was a good idea. $2.4 and they were $25,000 from winning the block.

It was then that a bid was received for $2.425. Then $2.460. Then the final bid of $2.470. Winners, the underdogs were the winners. It was amazing. $636,000 plus prize money plus $100,000. That's $736,000 in prize money.

This series was fraught with tension and squabbling but once again the finale didn't disappoint.

Do you think they deserved to win?

Images courtesy of Channel Nine.

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