We have one question about The US Bachelor. Where do they find these people?

I have just one question.

How did the producers of The Bachelor US find these women?

They seem to have no filter, no shame and no idea how terrifying they appear.

If you’re not already watching it, The Bachelor US is a souped-up version of our locally produced Bachelor.

The 20th season (yep — there have been 20 seasons) is fast-tracked here on Nine‘s multi-channel 9Life.

It is mesmerising, largely because of the amazing casting job the producers have pulled off with these women.

Listen to Rosie Waterland and SJ talk about The Bachelor US in a sneak peek at Mamamia’s new TV podcast, The Binge, here:

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Even though it’s 20 seasons deep, The Bachelor US as a spectacle overshadows the local version. It has more candles, bigger budgets, and a lot of ladies — including twins.

Twins. They have twins.

And I really want to know how they manage to get the women to appear so damn crazy, so much of the time.

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In this week’s episode, one woman jumped out of a cake in full stripper regalia to help her nab Bachelor Ben.

I don’t know how to break down for you just how much time I’ve spent watching through gritted teeth with one hand over my eyes. It’s a lot.

So how do they do it? Stripper cakes, angry fights about time spent alone with Ben, a lot of pass-ag conversation — these women are stretched to breaking point in every episode.

And I bet they’re being plied with liquor. In fact, I know they are.

After watching the fabulous drama UnREAL — set behind the scenes of a Bachelor-esque reality show and written by a former producer of The Bachelor US — we needed to know whether the tricks employed there were similar to what really goes on behind the scenes.

So Rosie Waterland and I asked former Australian Bachelor contestant, Penny Palman. And she told us that UnREAL is not far from the truth.

“It’s pretty close. The first time I watched it. And then I texted all the girls and said watch UnReal. The way the scenes are set up… the producers with their girls… it blew my mind.”

Which should remind us all that what happens on camera is entertainment, and someone is always pulling the strings.

But still, we can’t. Look. Away.

Watch the trailer here:

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