Everything you should be watching and reading this weekend.

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Sometimes in life, you just need someone to tell you what is good.

What is good to watch. What is good to listen to. What is good to read.

Because lets be honest, navigating these things can sometimes be a little overwhelming. Especially when no one is watching any one show or listening to any one thing.

So if, like us, you sometimes scroll through your phone and think THERE IS SO MUCH OUT  THERE, we have a solution for you. Our podcast recommendations from The Binge and Mamamia OutLoud.

Speaking of The Binge, do yourself a favour and listen to the full epsiode here:

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1. Jane the Virgin. (Netflix)

A very good girl gets accidentally artificially inseminated on a routine check up. She’s never had sex. But she winds up pregnant. What happens next is a stream of what would usually appear in a Latin telenovela.

SJ says: “It’s a very, very funny pisstake of a soap opera. It’s just great.”

2. Chelsea Does (Netflix)

The Binge Podcast recommendations

Funny woman Chelsea Handler’s new documentary series Chelsea Does, debuted on Netflix this week. It’s a four part documentary that see’s Handler exploring different topics such as Marriage, Drugs, Racism and Silicon Valley.

Rosie says: They are really funny. You can just plonk Chelsea Handler in a room with anyone and it gets hilarious. In the Chelsea Does Drugs episode she gets stoned with Willie Nelson.

Listen to what else Rosie has to say here:

3. Brooklyn by Colm Tóibín (book)

The Binge Podcast recommendations


Before it became an Oscar nominated movie, Brooklyn was a bestselling book by Irish author Colm Tóibín.

On Mamamia OutLoud this week KdB said: “It’s a great book and they have made it into a movie. It’s about a young Irish girl, who travelled to Brooklyn to work. What I like about it is the manners of that period. We are in such a society that personal questions are the norm, and I love the restraint and reserve that was typical of that period of time. It’s lovely.”

4. Girls, Season 5. (HBO)

It’s the second last season of Girls. And things are starting to wrap up with our favourite foursome.

And if you aren’t up to date on what has been happening in Hannah and Co’s life it’s probably a good time to catch up.

On this weeks episode of the Binge, Rosie and SJ were joined by a major Girls fan to talk about what they want to happen next:

Listen to what Rosie and SJ have to say about it here:

5. Quiet: The Power of Introverts with Susan Cain (Podcast.)

The Binge Podcast recommendations

A weekly podcast series on how to parent and teach introverted children.

Mia says on Mamamia OutLoud: “The book came out a couple of years ago, and now there’s a podcast. Oh my god, as a parent it is some of the best listening I have ever done. I’ve gobbled it up. There are only two episodes and I’ve listened to it back to back over the last day.”

We want to know what you are recomending this week….let us know in the comments!

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