The reality show so "immoral", you're going to love it.

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Do television executives have a responsibility to look after our relationships?

Should ratings be linked to righteousness?

If you think the answer to either one of those questions is YES, you are not going to like Channel Seven’s new TV show, The Seven-Year Switch.

Or, maybe you will, because there is no doubt that what Seven wants you do to is watch it with outrage bubbling in your heart, and pouring out of our Twittering fingers.

Rosie Waterland can’t wait. Listen to her and Laura Brodnik set out the premise for the show – and disagree about it wholeheartedly – on The Binge, here:

The Seven Year Switch will follow four couples who have been together for up to seven years and are on the brink of breaking up.

They get offered relationship counselling, and then separated, with one of them getting sent off to a beautiful island. With a hot single person. And one bed.

Yes, people, it’s science. Although we’re calling it Switch Therapy. And, like Laura, we can’t see what could possibly go wrong.

So who would do that to themselves?

Michelle and Jason. Rock solid, these two. Image: Channel Seven.

Couples like Michelle and Jason, who have a couple of kids, and barely any time to see each other: “I think Michelle is trying so hard to be a fantastic mother that she’s forgetting how to be fun and be Michelle,” Jason, who works until 2am most nights, says helpfully.

Can’t imagine why she’d like to trade him in, can you?

Or stay-at-home mum Cassie (pictured, top), who’s sick of looking after her husband Ryan, as well as her 11-month-old. “I’m his wife, not his mother,” she says.

Brad and Tallena. Haven’t had sex in 11 months, still planning a wedding… Image: Channel Seven.

And if this is all sounding a little too much like Tuesday night at your place, meet Brad and Tallena, who haven’t had sex for almost a year, but are deciding whether or not to get married. “It’s more of a friendship at the moment,” says Tallena, who is pissed off at the lack of romance in their lives. “It just sucks that you can justify cutting back our wedding but you can go and buy a brand new TV… most of my money goes into things that we can do together.”

Look, if these crazy kids can’t make it, what chance to the rest of us have?

Watch the trailer here:

Video via Yahoo7

At the end of the month, each couple will choose whether they get back together or go their seperate ways.

And we get to watch them for the entire time.

So, are you down? Rosie is.  “To me this show looks like heaven.”

Laura, on the other hand, thinks it’s the death of love. “I just think this is unneccesary television… It’s just an ugly thing for us to watch…it’s people breaking up. We are revelling in their joy. It just makes me feel ick.”

Who’s right, who’s wrong, and who’s going to watch?

Yes, us too.

Listen to the full episode of The Binge, here. Rosie and Laura also get a bit heated about Fuller House:

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