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We’ve all had our lashes tinted at the hairdresser or salon for 10 bucks.

Some of us (the brave ones) have even had our lashes permed.

And I’d say a fair smack of us have tried lash extensions, which are essentially false lashes that are glued into place and which fall out with your natural lash cycle over 10-14 days. (I generally get lash extensions for holidays – you wake up looking far more attractive than one should in the morning and with zero effort whatsoever, and all you need is base, cheeks and lips and you’re out the door and off to ogle nude statues before you can say fig leaf.)

But has anyone tried lash coating yet?

Welcome to the latest fad in our perennial quest for bigger, curlier, longer, thicker lashes. Also known as ‘semi-permanent mascara’, lash coating is kind of like traditional lash tinting crossed with waterproof mascara, on Red Bull.

You get lovely darkened lashes, plus definition, thickness and curl, and it will not come off at the gym, running, swimming or while sobbing gently at Meg Ryan movies. Lash coating is excellent for making your eyes stand out, (even if/especially if you don’t wear makeup) and can be done on the top and bottom lashes, although in my opinion very few people can pull of bottom-lash mascara.


The process takes 30-60 minutes in the salon, and even sensitive eyes can play along. They will clean then curl the lashes, then dip them in a special coating of dye and fibres, then seal them, and zing zam zap, you’re done. Obviously, the appeal is… obvious. Looking made up every day without applying any eye makeup, and no restraint on physical (or tear duct) activity, is definitely going to trump mascara that smudges and runs and flakes.

You can have it applied to your natural lashes, or over lash extensions (oooh, get you!) and how thick and dramatic it is, is up to you. From the few women I know who’ve tried it, it’s definitely better to ask for the ‘natural’ look first, (1 -2 coats) before the more full on ‘mascara’ look, which is a coat or two more. Unless you love the heavy eye makeup look, and are 21 and can carry it off, in which case, knock yourself out and have four coats straight up. I advise thoroughly explaining the exact look you’re after, and how natural/dramatic you want it, so that you don’t go home with what you believe to be clumpy, thick, irritating paint on your eyelashes instead of naturally luscious, ebony eye curtains.

Zoe Foster, (unbelievably) with no mascara.

For the lady in the purple blouse asking in the second row, lash coating should be removed professionally by the dame or chap who applied it once it’s started looking a bit patchy. This is so you don’t damage your lashes trying to scratch/rip/melt/wizard the coating off yourself. However, some have said you can actually remove it at home with a careful session of oil-based-makeup removery. Some.

Brands like CryBaby, LashDip, and Flutter Eyes are huge in the UK and US, while in Australia we have Mesmereyez, LashCoat, MYscara and StudioLASH – all of which are relatively embryonic at this point, and none of which I have tried yet, and so am unable to comment on. (If you have, holler below.) You can bet your banana I will be trying it when I am back on Strayan soil, though.


Fun fact! Almost-due pregnant women who know they’ll soon have little to no time for grooming are mad for lash coating, so too Asian women, whose straight lashes respond very nicely to the curling and coating.

One version of semi permanent mascara I have tried though, is Diego Dalla Palma Semi Permanent Mascara. You apply it like normal mascara for five days in a row to build up the pigment, and this waterproof ‘lash dye’ stays on lashes for up to two weeks. It might not give enough BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! for big lash fans, but is pretty perfect for women who are low-maintenance, prefer the natural look, are lazy, or off on a summery holiday.

It can be removed easily with a dual-phase (oil and water) makeup remover. Mine hasn’t come off in the shower or swimming or even when wiping a haphazard makeup wipe over my eyes and it’s been 12 days. It’s not available in Australia (yet! Fingers and legs crossed!), but you can buy here with free international shipping and maybe, just maybe, when summer peeps her glorious, golden head around the corner shortly, you will.

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