The shows you need to be listening to on International Podcast Day.

Today is International Podcast Day! At Mamamia we have a podcast addiction, so this is more exciting than all of our birthdays and Christmas combined.

When we’re not busy making them, we’re listening to them. And these are the ones we love the hardest…

Apart from our own, obviously, which you can handily find in the Mamamia Podcasts App, downloadable from the App Store and GooglePlay and all those app places…

Be warned, you're about to get addicted.


"Millennial is literally telling the story of my life. It's so relatable. The narrator/creator Megan Tan is amazing. Such a refreshing style of podcast too - a bit different from most of the others out there. Its tagline is: "How to manoeuvre your twenties - captured in real-time."

- Jessica Chambers, Mamamia site co-ordinator

You Must Remember This.

"Forget reality TV - the golden age of Hollywood and its icons have more love affairs, drama and family secrets that you could even begin to make up. Juicy, informative and engaging, this podcast is a must-listen for anyone who loves film, celebrity or just a good story."

- Brittany Stewart, Mamamia Producer, Beauty, Health and Style.

No Filter with Mia Freedman.

"I can't go past Mia's interviews. They are just bloody awesome. And the guest list keeps getting better and better!"

- Amy Cooper, Mamamia Editorial Strategy Manager.

This American Life.

"It's a classic. It covers topics I would never even think of and they are always done so thoughtfully."

- Jessica Clark, Mamamia Entertainment Producer.

Eff Yeah Film & Feminism.

"A funny, well-researched podcast that discusses pop culture through a feminist lens. Great interviews and amazing discussions from Aussie writers/entertainment people. Best intro music I’ve ever heard. Hosted by journo Maria Lewis."

-Laura Brodnik, Mamamia Entertainment and Popular Culture Editor. 

The Rereaders

"A Melbourne-based literary and cultural podcast. Discussions about all the best books, music and movies that have slipped under the radar. And a new way to look at the most popular offerings of the moment"


-Also Laura Brodnik

Mamamia Out Loud

"Obviously. Monz, Mia and KdB rock my world. They get me thinking about the news cycle in a different way and always help me form opinions on EVERYTHING from Feminism to Vaseline."

- Elissa Ratliff, Mamamia Podcast Producer. 

Monocycle by Man Repeller. 

"Hosted by Leandra Medine, it's like a call with your best friend. One week Leandra is offering tips for getting dressed in the morning (lurex and sensible shoes, obviously.) the next, she's sharing her disappointment over yet another failed round of IVF."

-Rachel Wagner, Mamamia Junior Podcast Producer. 

Conversations with Richard Fidler.

Speaking of Richard Fidler, hear Mia Freedman interview him:

"Just the best."

-Edwina Carr Barraclough, Mamamia Senior Editor, Beauty, Health and Style.

Dear Sugar 

"Cheryl Strayed (and some other guy) answer questions. I love a good agony aunt."

-Rebecca Jacobs, Mamamia Head of Editorial Strategy.

We can gurantee that if you listen to at least ONE of these, you'll be as happy as Monz:



If you can't find something tantalising in this list, you're crazy!

And if you want more - may we suggest you try one of our 11 podcasts via our Mamamia Podcast App on the App Store and Google Play. You'll find This Glorious Mess, I Don't Know How She Does It, No Filter, The Binge, Bach Chat, Can't Live Without, Meshel Laurie's Nitty Gritty Committee, The Well, Book Club, The Prude and the Pornstar and Mamamia Out Loud... Oh, and some bonus episodes...

Now go forth and listen. Happy International Podcast Day everyone, from the Mamamia Podcast Network.