Why the lip colour you’re convinced you can’t pull off is exactly the one you need.

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Will citrus hues knock classic red from the leaderboard for lip colour of the season?

I’m not sure about that, but I am in love with everything orange – lip-related, that is.

Bright, bright orange shades are really in this year. Orange is a statement colour, so when wearing it let it shine and be the focus. The rest of your makeup needs to be understated and barely there.

Allow these orange-lipped celebrities to show you the way:

If you have a dark skin tone, or a lovely golden tan, then you can pull off a neon shade of orange. If you have a lighter skin tone then something bright and vibrant will still look gorgeous – especially if you combine it with some simple eye makeup and a soft beachy hairstyle, but you should avoid neon.

If you have very pale skin you can still wear orange – it looks gorgeous against creamy skin tones. Go for undertones of pretty peach with just a hint of orange, nothing too loud.

Red heads can also get in on this trend as long as you keep everything else simple and elegant. You need to especially ensure your blush is not overdone as a redhead, just let your lips do the talking.

My biggest tip – if you’re going to wear blush with this look is to choose a shade of blush that is a more subtle version of the colour on your lips, just like Leighton Meester did in the gallery above. There’s nothing worse than ending up with a rainbow on your face.

Orange lipstick: yes or no?

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