Hamish and Andy are leaving radio, but these are their all-time best moments.

When Hamish Blake and Andy Lee announced on Friday that they’re quitting radio after 2017, we went into a deep, dark, hole.

It wasn’t so much that they’re never coming back – they’re starting a TV show in June – but the idea that they’re not going to be hanging out with us every weekday afternoon forever and ever, that made us enter the stages of grief.

Over the weekend, we’ve spent hours upon hours unearthing their funniest moments, so we could laugh and cry at the same time. With snot running down our faces, we reminisced, “remember when Hamish was Andy’s baby wingman? HAHA those were the days.”

It was so funny. Image via Giphy.

We dare you not to laugh out loud as we take you for a Hame-and-Ando-inspired walk down memory lane.

While this list could technically be infinite, given that Hamish and Andy don't do anything that isn't funny, we had to limit our memories to eight so we can generally continue our lives/shower/catch up on any of their radio segments we've missed over the last 13 years (just kidding - we haven't missed any.)

1. When Hamish was the Ultimate Baby Wingman.

Hamish, hidden in a pram, acted as the "ultimate baby wingman" for single-man Andy. Yes, people were freaked out. Yes, someone told him he was the ugliest baby they'd ever seen.

But did the 2011 stunt end up in a date for Andy? No. No it did not.

#BringBackUltimateWingman. Image via Channel 9.

You can watch the whole segment here.

2. When they were conjoined for a week.

Remember when Hamish and Andy were on Rove Live?!?!

We do.

In 2007 (yes, we've gone deep into the archives, okay), Hamish and Andy managed to turn something negative - offending a listener - into a positive. The experiment involved the pair navigating daily life as conjoined twins. They went to the toilet together, slept together, ate together, and chatted to ladies together.

While it was difficult, they definitely enjoyed it more than anyone expected.

3. The day they dressed up as gorillas.

In a prank involving Dr Chris Brown, who narrated the whole thing to people watching, Hamish and Andy dressed up as gorillas and entered a zoo enclosure. They threw things at each other, drank beers, had a physical fight, and even rode bikes, before pulling off a move that made their captive audience question their true gorilla-ness.

4. That time they tried 'Freeating'.

Ever the resourceful, Hamish and Andy attempted, and succeeded, in eating only free food for an entire week. There were lots of rules - like no food from mum and dads place - that made this challenge particularly difficult. But they hit an all-time low when they STAKED OUT AT A MCDONALDS CHILDREN'S PARTY and pounced on the left-over food once it was over.

They also ate discarded snacks from very questionable places - and Hamish went to the extent of secretly burying food in the ground and pretending to find it.

5. When they invented 'ghosting'.

Before ghosting was the term used to describe someone never texting you back after a date or two, it was a Hamish-and-Andy-invented sport.


It involved the pair taking it in turns to walk as closely as physically possible behind another person for as long as possible, without them noticing, and telling you to please get the hell away from them.

This very serious game took them all the way to The Graham Norton Show, where their skills became internationally respected.

6. The time they discovered the 'best bloke in Australia'.

When Hamish called a random listener, and asked him to lie on his behalf to a potential employer about his experience, he didn't know he had come across THE BEST BLOKE IN AUSTRALIA.

But when Andy called the man moments later to ask him about his 'friend,' and his 'qualifications,' James Lord was happy to endorse a person he had never met.

The Melbourne man then proved himself AGAIN, when Hamish and Andy delivered the ultimate best bloke challenge on-air.

7. When Hamish experienced the worst pain imaginable, but then went to Maccas.

Who could forget the awful screams of Hamish Blake as he experienced the worst pain imaginable? The funnyman put on gloves lined with bullet ants as part of an Amazon tribes' coming-of-age ritual in 2014.

He cried, and screamed, and Andy was super nice and helpful and it was actually really disturbing to watch. But eight hours later, when all was said and done, Hamish knew only one thing could make everything better: McDonalds.

8. When they started a band.

Cool Boys and the Frontman are arguably one of Australia's most unique bands.

No one expected musical perfection when Hamish, Andy and Cacklin' Jack started a band last year, but the group can actually semi-play their instruments. This year, they went on tour, and the finale episode of their radio show was live-streamed from their gig with temporary Frontman Guy Sebastian.


Somehow, the whole 'tour' concept ended up with Hamish getting frequent spray tans, Andy wearing a kilt, and Cacklin' Jack being made to perform on roller skates, despite begging not to.

Managed to sneak up on stage and snap this of the C Boys at their final Byron gig. Luckily no one saw me, I was nervous as I didn't want to become a recognised person and get so famous young boys get plastic surgery to look like me (the "Jack Situation"), but luckily the crowd was distracted and I was a ghost. What a week. What a tour. What a privilege to watch three men create an incredible 4 songs worth of music over 5 staggering days. The radio show returns next March, we can only hope CBATFM returns with it. I have to get home to my 6 kids and iguanas (I am a reptile enthusiast) now, but will miss this tour. Have a safe and happy Christmas, I'll keep you updated on all developments if I hear any. It's been awesome (except for when Jack poisoned me). - Jarred, Communicatory Admiral Of Social Media and Director of Sleeved Merch (T's and Hoodies).

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We can't wait to see what they come up with next year.

What's your favourite Hamish and Andy moment?