The one killer concealer you need in your life.

The biggest thing I’ve learned about makeup from all the incredible women I meet in my role as The Glow’s beauty director is that once we find a product that works, we want to share it with everyone we know.

And that’s the way I feel about the new concealer in my life, IT Cosmetics Bye Bye UnderEye, $24.

You may not have heard about IT Cosmetics before, the brand only recently landed on Aussie shores thanks to Sephora, but women have been snapping up this cult beauty buy for years.

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Co-founder of the brand Jamie Kern Lima is a former news anchor who also suffers from rosacea. When every brand of makeup she tried failed to cover her redness or creased and cracked under the harsh studio lighting, she went about developing her own line.

Her Bye Bye UnderEye is definitely one concealer that is not going to crack or seep into your fine lines. Being completely creaseproof; it’s a game-changer for the insomniacs among us – or those of us who somehow end up staying up all night looking at stranger’s Instagram photos.

The power concealer is excellent if you are trying to hide the after effects of a ‘school night’ drinking session. And if you suffer from chronic dark purplish circles around your eyes, you’re (literally) covered too.

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But the people who I think will love this concealer the most? Mothers of newborns or toddlers who are running on zero sleep and have bags bigger than a Birkin.

I’m in the latter camp. Sure, there has been nights where I’ve had eight hours of blissfully uninterrupted sleep in the last three years, but I can count them on one hand. I’m also getting to the age where when I look in the mirror I’m seeing a seismic ageing shift and not just a gradual one. Since I probably can’t give you an accurate idea of this concealer without a before and after, here goes… #brave.

So this is me in the before stage. I don't know why I look so smug/pissed off. It was early, so this is a true representation of what #wokeuplikethis really looks like when you're 35.

To apply: this concealer has a tacky feel, but don't let that turn you off – this is what keeps your under eye area hydrated all day. Pat it on with your ring finger, pushing right up underneath your eye. Work this into any other areas where you have pigmentation or uneven skin tone. As this one stays put, I'd recommend using it underneath your foundation if you're using it elsewhere on your face.

Et voila! My post-concealer face. See that shine underneath my eye in the shot on the right? That lasts all day. Making you appear way more luminous than you probably feel at 5pm or at 5am...

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