Olena didn't receive a rose but an even better relationship came out of her time on the show.

It was one of the most memorable episodes of The Bachelor of all time.

But when it came down to three women on Wednesday night, Richie Strahan decided that it was time for 23-year-old Sydney makeup artist Olena Khamula to go. (It could have been because she said a relationship between the two of them would be “a hassle”, but who really knows?)

But within moments of the show ending, Khamula was being shown support by her former roommate and contestant from the show, intruder Stephanie Dixon.

Posting an image of herself with Khamula from a recent night out, Dixon wrote:

“I have so much appreciation for this girl, she conquered her fears, put herself out of her comfort zone to try something new, something extremely challenging.


“She did all of this to better herself in the hope of an amazing opportunity but not only did she do it, I did it with her too. I’m proud of us @olenakhamula we now share a bond of an experience that know one [sic] else will ever understand”.

The image is just one that Dixon has shared of the pair together since she left the show, with the two clearly forming a solid bond while they were inside the Bachelor Mansion together.

The pair further proved our theory that you’re more likely to find a bestie than a boyfriend in the Bachelor mansion.

Girlfriends are the best friends! Just ask The Bachelor’s Olena and Steph. Post continues after gallery… 

Speaking to WHO magazine recently, Olena explained their friendship, saying, “We didn’t trust each other straight away, but once we started talking, we couldn’t stop. We were just telling each other our deepest, darkest secrets.”

Olena also described Steph as her “shoulder to cry on” during their time together in the house.

“She really helped me throughout the process. If she wasn’t there, I probably would have cried more,” Olena admitted.

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But apparently, it wasn’t all tears, with the two allegedly going skinny dipping in the mansion’s pool after the rose ceremonies.

“The other girls would go to bed after the rose ceremonies, and we’d stay up chatting about life,” Steph said in the same interview.

Here’s to a long-lasting friendship!